Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cooking 101: Beef Luc Lac

I just finished cooking the best food I have ever tasted when I was in Cambodia last month. It was called Beef Luc Lac. The ingredients were quite easy and the cooking directions were no sweat. While writing this post, I am currently having my lunch and the Luc Lac is just besides me. Anyway, I forgot to prepare the ingredients for the sauce which is the vinaigrette sauce where you have to mix vinegar wine, lemon juice, garlic, pepper, shallots and mustard. But even without this sauce, the flavor of Luc Lac was still preserved. If you want to cook this and try its real Khmer flavor, just follow the preparation methods:

1. You have to marinate first the beef (1kg) with soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, salt and pepper with 1 teaspoon each.
2. Prepare the flavoring sauce by mixing water (1 cup) with 1 teaspoon each of vinegar, sugar, salt and cornstarch.
3. The cooking process starts by heating up a pan and when it is hot, put oil then add garlic, onion and the marinated beef. After 5 minutes of mixing the beef and the sauted oil, you just have to add the stirred water you prepared on item number 2 and cook the beef until tender or until the sauce thickens.


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