Friday, May 22, 2009

Lunch at Ghim Moh

Exactly one week ago, last Friday, 15th of May I went out for lunch in Ghim Moh with officemates Arlene, Ces and Cambodia travelmates Vinia, Razel and Gilyn. I was first hesitant to go with them as it was really hot outside but good thing there was a free shuttle going to that place. We went first to this stall but it was close until 3pm so we looked for other place and found ourselves on the other side of this big hawker. We ordered Seafood Rice, Kai Lan, Cereal Prawn Shrimp and Prawn Paste Chicken.

Everybody enjoyed the food and it seems like we were eating dishes from a fine dining restaurant. The area wasn't that bad at all and we just concentrated on our foods. They were all good and delicious! The total bill was S$56.


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