Friday, May 22, 2009

The Return of the Movie Review

It's been a while since I post my movie review here in my blog. I was quite busy and can you imagine that I only had 1 movie per month??? Well it's time for the revenge. Anyway, here are the latest(?) movies that I have watched so far. :(

1. Bride Wars - Well, Anne Hathaway was really hot on this film. Honestly, I enjoyed this movie as it was really funny. My favorite part was the dance number, it was really steaming hot and I didn't have any idea that Anne knew how to dance. But kudos also to Kate as both of them really did a nice job on that part. Acting wise for both Anne and Kate are nothing spectacular. They were simply being themselves and what they offered are sufficient enough to portray the two main characters. The sparks are definately there and they seem to be having fun making this movie. This helps to tie in with the image of both of them being childhood best friends in the movie. The director was successful on colorfuly narrating the different personalities of the two brides by putting more touch on the emotional aspect. It is a light hearted movie that I think most of the couple can relate, from the proposal to preparations to the final day. Also, you will feel the other side of true friendship, from being bestfriends to wrostfriends, on how to struggle differences and to wrap up things to work it out and in return to reclaim the good relationship. There wasn't really a tremendous aspect about this movie but the most important thing is that I enjoyed watching it.

2. Knowing - Since I love those films which are excellent in delivering visual effects, I'm a fan of this one. In my opinion, the story was overused and there were slow parts that can be shortened but still, it was pretty interesting. We can't deny that Cage is really a good actor and he impressed me again on this movie, he was indeed borned for this role. I was really disappointed with the ending, they should have better idea on how it was ended rather than presenting the existence of aliens or unexplainable type of humanity. I was really excited from the start and I can't deny that overall, the movie was excellent BUT I wasn't really impressed by the ending. The direction was really good, some scenes were creepy especially the plane crash scene. As of writing, the movie is currently on the number 10 for the top grossing movie of the year which has a worldwide box office returns of $145,643,567 over the movie's budget was $50,000,000.

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - During my last vacation in Manila, a friend of mine had already a copy of this movie even if it wasn't commercially release yet. At first, I watched the first 10 minutes of it on a laptop but I eventually realized that the movie was better be seen in a big screen and I was ultimately right! I wasn't disappointed by this movie. It has a greater intense than of the X-Men movie because this time, it was focused on Wolverine. The actions scenes were spectacular and no doubt on the capacity of Jackman as an actor. Jackman successfully portrayed and was damn good reprising his role. My favorite scene was the fight/action scene between Wolverine and Gambit, the effects were creatively done. Kudos also to the makeup/art direction department for the wonderful outcome of the totality of the movie. This is one of the best films of the year.


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