Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Phase 2: One Year

It is now exactly one year ago when I arrived here in Singapore not as a tourist but a worker or should I say, an OFW. The time runs so fast that I almost didn't notice that it's been 364 days! With my one year of residency here, I had two meaningful vacations in Manila. I also had trips in four countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia. Careerwise, I can't say that there was a big leap as I am still in the business of IT support with bank clients. With my hardwork here, I also managed to acquire an Eton Emerald Condominium unit in Ortigas, Pasig City and it is now in installment payment terms.

Many things were happened during my stay here, events that made me stronger and a better person. I faced several problems that I was able to resolve and I can say that I am a survivor. I was obliged to do personal chores such as cooking, doing the laundry, grocery and cleaning my room which I didn't usually perform in Manila. Part of my life here were Ate Daisy, Ate Cindy and Kuya Celso from my first home in Geylang. They were all good people and I consider them as my first family here. My bestfriend Ryan also did a part by staying with me for almost three months and we discovered more of each other's strenghts and weaknesses. Good friends were also a big impact of my stay here as I met many of them mostly from the office. I will continue to survive and I still have many plans ahead. There is still missing in my life, not a perfect one but a stable one and for long term.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Why Nokia N97?

Last 20th of June, after two and a half years of owning Motorola RAZR V3XX, I have finally replaced it with this new Nokia phone which was released on June 2009, it was Nokia N97. The primary reason why I chose this over to iPhone is that I always see iPhone everywhere! From the office (most of them are using iPhone), the MRT, the shopping malls and even on streets! It is not because I just want to be different, but of course I was prepared and did the research before coming up to that decision.

One point is that N97 has an internal storage of 32GB and a memory slot which can be up to 16GB while iPhone 3GS can only be up to 32GB. Another advantage of N97 is that it has a handwriting recognition. You can also use stylus on the screen and you cannot do it on iPhone. Nokia's camera is 5 megapixel with flashlight while iPhone only has 3.15MP. N97's battery can be up to 432 hours on standby time and has FM transmitter. One more point is that N97 has a secondary camera for the video calling. Of course there are some advantages of iPhone 3GS over to Nokia N97 but to summarize, N97 is more powerful on my opinion.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tourists: Louie & Kath

Last Sunday, 14th of June, I met Louie and her girlfriend Kath. They were here in Singapore last June 11 to 15 to explore tourist spots and mostly malls. Also present that day was Jen, she is currently deployed in Misys Singapore for three months. Supposedly, we planned to meet on the 13th but unfortunately, Louie wasn't able to purchase 7:30pm screening of Songs of the Sea in Sentosa. The original plan was to meet in No Singboard Seafood restaurant in Vivocity at 8:30pm but they bought the 8:30pm screening of the show so we decided just to meet on the next day.

So the final meeting place was in Suntec City, specifically in Fish & Co near the Fountain of Wealth. Louie was asking and begging for chili crab so we searched for it and found ourselves in this restaurant. We ordered two sets of Portugese Chili Crab with bread, two pastas, deep fried swordfish with fries and two big fruit shakes (which I didn't like). At first we were ordering continuously until the waitress informed us that we ordered much. So we stopped on those foods and yeah, we ordered a lot and suprised that the serving was that huge. I was delighted receiving the Maxs Caramel bar and Nagaraya from Louie as his "pasalubongs" for me. Jen got Cheez Whiz which she also requested. It was "diet another day" because I ate a lot but I enjoyed that day seeing good friends.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Big Four

Four big movies were released last month and I am such a big fan of them.

1. Star Trek - At first, I was really hesitant to watch this movie as I wasn't a big fan of Star Trek and I didn't get the chance to watch even one episode of it's TV series. But a friend of mine informed me that watching the previous movies/tv episodes of it is not a requirement to understand and enjoy the movie... and she was right! The movie was amazingly good! This is a summer movie filled with action, adventure, characters you can enjoy wrapped in an emotionally charged story that thrills and excites for the most part. Kudos to the special effects department as I really enjoyed each of the scenes. The film also tackled the important role of our family in our life. The phasing was so fast and it was really exciting. One important lesson I have learned was this one line: "Sometimes you just need to put aside the logic and do what it feels right". Rate:

2. Angels & Demons - I have read the "The Da Vinci Code" novel and I loved it that's why I watched it's film version. But "Angels & Demons", I didn't read it but since I love the character of Robert Langdon as an intelligent and articulate researcher, I also watched this prequel. Eventually I also loved it and I was amazed that the most part of the movie's climax only took for almost 24 hours. But I can still say that "The Da Vinci Code" is better than this one, nevertheless, Ron Howard delivered another masterpiece. I loved the phasing and the intriguing scenes. The development of the story was really likeable. At the beginning of the film, I was so sure that this certain priest was the primary villain but as the story progresses, there was a doubt and the twist of the movie really freaked me out and in the end I was right on my first assumption. Rate:

3. Night At The Museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian - One line that reminded me of this movie was: "True hapiness is doing what you love with the one you love"... Yeah, there's a truth on this. Anyway, I can say that this sequel wasn't better on the first one... or should I say that this one is as good as the first movie. There wasn't really something special on this sequel. But on the other hand, I still enjoyed the movie and with the presence of Amy Adams, this film is quite nice. New characters were also funny and interesting. On the negative side, this movie will require you to watch the first one as you will be lost on some of the characters' relation to Ben Stiller. The movie was still entertaining, funny and worth watching. Rate:

4. Terminator Salvation - This one is better than I expected. There were some lames on some of the scenes but the totality of the movie as really exciting and an excellent one. There isn't an overly deep extravagant story line to bore us and it had enough suspense to keep the viewers attached to the film. I don't know but I was looking and expecting more from Bale's portrayal of the lead role as he is an accomplished actor. It seemed that there was something missing in his acting but the rest of the gang did a great job. The entire movie was a non stop action and many were such a heart pumping scenes. Visual effects did an excellent work. Rate:

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Why is there a need to amend the constitution NOW? You can't blame most of the Filipinos who are shouting on the streets and perform protests for this issue. Personally, I think we have an excellent constitution and we are doing fine with this. So why is there a need to edit the constitution? Yeah, I think there must be some development and a need for changes on some of the part of it, but the main point is... why now? I am also thinking that the primary head for this was the president. Okay, let's admit that there are some progress and technical advancements that there might be a need for a charter change but you can't stop us, Filipinos, on thinking that the president is doing this to extend her power and still to lead the country. Why the congress is so excited on pursuing this? Do they also have an intention to gain more years in the power and to control some of the personal aspects? For sure there is. I was amazed by Manuel Roxas on wearing a ginger on a senate session implying as his preventive measure against on what he called 'Con-Ass(wang)'. A congressman made a meaningful joke using the words 'Kuya wag po, wag po' which was a call to Speaker Nograles to stop this kind of harassment to the Filipinos. It was clear even before that many Pinoys are not supporting this kind of move. Let's proceed with the election in 2010 and maybe after that the congress can continue their plan on constitutional assembly so that a thinking of power extension for the current president will be put on stop. I think I am representing most of the Filipinos in making this call. NO TO CHA-CHA! NO TO CON-ASS!!!

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