Friday, June 12, 2009

The Big Four

Four big movies were released last month and I am such a big fan of them.

1. Star Trek - At first, I was really hesitant to watch this movie as I wasn't a big fan of Star Trek and I didn't get the chance to watch even one episode of it's TV series. But a friend of mine informed me that watching the previous movies/tv episodes of it is not a requirement to understand and enjoy the movie... and she was right! The movie was amazingly good! This is a summer movie filled with action, adventure, characters you can enjoy wrapped in an emotionally charged story that thrills and excites for the most part. Kudos to the special effects department as I really enjoyed each of the scenes. The film also tackled the important role of our family in our life. The phasing was so fast and it was really exciting. One important lesson I have learned was this one line: "Sometimes you just need to put aside the logic and do what it feels right". Rate:

2. Angels & Demons - I have read the "The Da Vinci Code" novel and I loved it that's why I watched it's film version. But "Angels & Demons", I didn't read it but since I love the character of Robert Langdon as an intelligent and articulate researcher, I also watched this prequel. Eventually I also loved it and I was amazed that the most part of the movie's climax only took for almost 24 hours. But I can still say that "The Da Vinci Code" is better than this one, nevertheless, Ron Howard delivered another masterpiece. I loved the phasing and the intriguing scenes. The development of the story was really likeable. At the beginning of the film, I was so sure that this certain priest was the primary villain but as the story progresses, there was a doubt and the twist of the movie really freaked me out and in the end I was right on my first assumption. Rate:

3. Night At The Museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian - One line that reminded me of this movie was: "True hapiness is doing what you love with the one you love"... Yeah, there's a truth on this. Anyway, I can say that this sequel wasn't better on the first one... or should I say that this one is as good as the first movie. There wasn't really something special on this sequel. But on the other hand, I still enjoyed the movie and with the presence of Amy Adams, this film is quite nice. New characters were also funny and interesting. On the negative side, this movie will require you to watch the first one as you will be lost on some of the characters' relation to Ben Stiller. The movie was still entertaining, funny and worth watching. Rate:

4. Terminator Salvation - This one is better than I expected. There were some lames on some of the scenes but the totality of the movie as really exciting and an excellent one. There isn't an overly deep extravagant story line to bore us and it had enough suspense to keep the viewers attached to the film. I don't know but I was looking and expecting more from Bale's portrayal of the lead role as he is an accomplished actor. It seemed that there was something missing in his acting but the rest of the gang did a great job. The entire movie was a non stop action and many were such a heart pumping scenes. Visual effects did an excellent work. Rate:


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