Thursday, June 4, 2009


Why is there a need to amend the constitution NOW? You can't blame most of the Filipinos who are shouting on the streets and perform protests for this issue. Personally, I think we have an excellent constitution and we are doing fine with this. So why is there a need to edit the constitution? Yeah, I think there must be some development and a need for changes on some of the part of it, but the main point is... why now? I am also thinking that the primary head for this was the president. Okay, let's admit that there are some progress and technical advancements that there might be a need for a charter change but you can't stop us, Filipinos, on thinking that the president is doing this to extend her power and still to lead the country. Why the congress is so excited on pursuing this? Do they also have an intention to gain more years in the power and to control some of the personal aspects? For sure there is. I was amazed by Manuel Roxas on wearing a ginger on a senate session implying as his preventive measure against on what he called 'Con-Ass(wang)'. A congressman made a meaningful joke using the words 'Kuya wag po, wag po' which was a call to Speaker Nograles to stop this kind of harassment to the Filipinos. It was clear even before that many Pinoys are not supporting this kind of move. Let's proceed with the election in 2010 and maybe after that the congress can continue their plan on constitutional assembly so that a thinking of power extension for the current president will be put on stop. I think I am representing most of the Filipinos in making this call. NO TO CHA-CHA! NO TO CON-ASS!!!


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