Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Phase 2: One Year

It is now exactly one year ago when I arrived here in Singapore not as a tourist but a worker or should I say, an OFW. The time runs so fast that I almost didn't notice that it's been 364 days! With my one year of residency here, I had two meaningful vacations in Manila. I also had trips in four countries: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia. Careerwise, I can't say that there was a big leap as I am still in the business of IT support with bank clients. With my hardwork here, I also managed to acquire an Eton Emerald Condominium unit in Ortigas, Pasig City and it is now in installment payment terms.

Many things were happened during my stay here, events that made me stronger and a better person. I faced several problems that I was able to resolve and I can say that I am a survivor. I was obliged to do personal chores such as cooking, doing the laundry, grocery and cleaning my room which I didn't usually perform in Manila. Part of my life here were Ate Daisy, Ate Cindy and Kuya Celso from my first home in Geylang. They were all good people and I consider them as my first family here. My bestfriend Ryan also did a part by staying with me for almost three months and we discovered more of each other's strenghts and weaknesses. Good friends were also a big impact of my stay here as I met many of them mostly from the office. I will continue to survive and I still have many plans ahead. There is still missing in my life, not a perfect one but a stable one and for long term.


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