Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tourists: Louie & Kath

Last Sunday, 14th of June, I met Louie and her girlfriend Kath. They were here in Singapore last June 11 to 15 to explore tourist spots and mostly malls. Also present that day was Jen, she is currently deployed in Misys Singapore for three months. Supposedly, we planned to meet on the 13th but unfortunately, Louie wasn't able to purchase 7:30pm screening of Songs of the Sea in Sentosa. The original plan was to meet in No Singboard Seafood restaurant in Vivocity at 8:30pm but they bought the 8:30pm screening of the show so we decided just to meet on the next day.

So the final meeting place was in Suntec City, specifically in Fish & Co near the Fountain of Wealth. Louie was asking and begging for chili crab so we searched for it and found ourselves in this restaurant. We ordered two sets of Portugese Chili Crab with bread, two pastas, deep fried swordfish with fries and two big fruit shakes (which I didn't like). At first we were ordering continuously until the waitress informed us that we ordered much. So we stopped on those foods and yeah, we ordered a lot and suprised that the serving was that huge. I was delighted receiving the Maxs Caramel bar and Nagaraya from Louie as his "pasalubongs" for me. Jen got Cheez Whiz which she also requested. It was "diet another day" because I ate a lot but I enjoyed that day seeing good friends.


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