Monday, June 29, 2009

Why Nokia N97?

Last 20th of June, after two and a half years of owning Motorola RAZR V3XX, I have finally replaced it with this new Nokia phone which was released on June 2009, it was Nokia N97. The primary reason why I chose this over to iPhone is that I always see iPhone everywhere! From the office (most of them are using iPhone), the MRT, the shopping malls and even on streets! It is not because I just want to be different, but of course I was prepared and did the research before coming up to that decision.

One point is that N97 has an internal storage of 32GB and a memory slot which can be up to 16GB while iPhone 3GS can only be up to 32GB. Another advantage of N97 is that it has a handwriting recognition. You can also use stylus on the screen and you cannot do it on iPhone. Nokia's camera is 5 megapixel with flashlight while iPhone only has 3.15MP. N97's battery can be up to 432 hours on standby time and has FM transmitter. One more point is that N97 has a secondary camera for the video calling. Of course there are some advantages of iPhone 3GS over to Nokia N97 but to summarize, N97 is more powerful on my opinion.


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