Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Com-Ror Fan-Tion

The last four movies I have watched were different in genres. There was a comedy romance, a horror flick, full packed action movie and a fantasy film.

1. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - I am a Jennifer Garner fan since her blockbuster spy tv series "Alias" but unfortunately, I was able to watch only two seasons. Overall, this movie contains some touching scenes and the comedy parts were quite good, you will laugh and maybe even cry. Even though the movie had a predictable ending and was the same cliche movie that Matthew usually stars in, I still enjoyed it. And although the story has been done over and over again, this movie's comedic writing makes the idea fresh and new. On the acting side, Jennifer was really good. I think she is better here than that Elektra movie. Michael Douglas did a very important and hilarious part of the movie as he was the main point and root of the story. Overall, it was a funny and light hearted movie with drama and romance.

2. Drag Me To Hell - Sam Raimi is indeed intelligent in terms of horror flicks. His direction on this movie was quite interesting. He mixed heart pumping scary scenes with a little touch of comedic acts and it all went well. What separates this film from any other horror film is that Raimi's ability to lull the audience in with humor and heart just before he acts upon your vulnerability. The twist of the movie was quite interesting. The mixture of sound and the scenes itself will really frighten you and I admit, I was quite using my hands to cover my eyes on some of the scenes. The horror parts are truly effective because of the great timing and volume but the content is really standard. The visuals were also good and rewed up a good scare, the shadow, the squeaking gates and other horrifying scenes.

3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The only thing I hate about this movie is that it is very long, about two and a half hours and there were some scenes that should have been removed to give more visuals on more important scenes. But in totality, I loved it and I can say that it is better than the first one. Full packed action scenes and never ending (sometimes boring dialogues between the lovers) little funny jokes. Another "good to eyes" of the film was Megan Fox, she is really hot! On the special effects depart, superb! It was really great, I was fascinated on how those fighting scenes were created and they were really convincing as if it can really be happening in the real life. Michael Bay's trademark is to do action films with mixing humor and due to that, the movie also gave out a lighter side of a super action film.

4. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - I was quite disappointed with the movie. I was expecting extravagant magic and fantasy scenes but I was really dismayed and I asked myself on the ending... "that's it?". But the movie is still quite nice and maybe one reason why I really didn't enjoy it is that I do not read the book itself and instead I was just relying on the big screen portrayal. The lighter side of the film was the Lavender-Ron-Hermione love triangle and it was quite funny. I can say that I liked it but didn't love it. I was looking for something and I was only dismayed by the ending. But this latest installment on the HP series maintained its glamorous standards on visual effects and outstanding costumes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gilyn's Last Day

Exactly one week ago, 14th of July was Gilyn's last day in the office. Instead of doing the "goodbyes" processes, we just planned a super "eating moment" on that day. The first part was a team lunch in Thai Express in Holland Village. I was delighted to know that we will be having our lunch there because I've been missing eating Thai foods. I was a bit late so I ordered immediately my favorite Thai cuisine which is "Phad Thai" and an avocado shake. I'm quite used to the "chilliness" of Thai foods and I was surprised seeing others sweating a lot and it was kinda funny. It was such a nice day to have a lunch together as a team (I think it was the first time ever). Gilyn gave us a remembrance, it was a scrap sheet and was nicely designed.

The second part of the "eating moment" was in Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Clarke Quay. I was on night shift so I had my dinner in this place, it was my first time on such area. I was again, late but nevertheless, foods were still fresh and a smile was seen on my face when I got the sight of chilli crab! Hahaha... Ate Vinz, Ate Arlene and Gilyn was taking pictures while I was eating the rest of the foods. I loved the scallop (I forgot the exact menu name of that) and this certain squid. We were done at almost 9 in the evening so I had to get back to the office while the three ladies roamed the area and enjoyed the rest of the night. With the latest update, Gilyn found a new job and was quite confused on something!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Tourists: Fujitsu Friends

Last 3rd of July, after I submitted necessary documents for my PR application in ICA, I bumped immediately to Budget Terminal of Changi Airport. I met there my friends whom I have known since the Fujitsu (WeServ) days way back in 2004. They were Allan, Chi, Tong, Ivy and her boyfriend Sonny and sister Irene. After a quick transaction in a money changer inside the airport, we met Ann in Kallang MRT station and made our way to the Regin Hotel in Sims Way. Then they made a retouch and refreshed themselves before we went to Vivocity for our lunch. Since Ann and I were in the night shift that day, we left them as they made their way to Sentosa.

On the next day, we visited the Chinese and Japanese gardens as early as 7 in the morning. It was my first time to go there to the fact that I have been staying here for over a year. Anyway, I found the place a perfect spot for morning jogging and the scenes were very refreshing. We also paid a visit on this Turtle Musem which displays over a thousand of turtle species. After touring the gardens, again, Ann and I left them as Ann was in need of sleep and I had to workout in gym. The tourists visited the Singapore Zoo on their own. Around 5 pm, I met them again and this time, it was in Raffles Quay MRT station as their next destination was the Espalanade and Merlion Park. They made their photoshoot and enjoyed the fresh air. We had our dinner that night in the famous Lau Pa Sat then made a shopping spree in Bugis.

We were all checked in around 6:30 in the morning on the next day. We had a flight to Kuala Lumpur to spend a day of visit. We made our way to the KL Sentral from the LCCT airport then took the MRT going to Putra station. Our next destination was Genting Highlands. We took the Souteast Asia's longest cable car and we were all frightened at the beginning but eventually recovered from the fear. It was almost 3 pm so the lunch was our next target and we found this small restaurant in Genting and I ordered immediately Nasi Lemak as I was really hungry that time. Checking out rides wasn't our goal as we were in the nick of time so we just roamed the place and felt the ultimate cold weather. We hurriedly back to the city at around 6 pm and headed directly to KLCC to have dinner and took photos in front of the world famous Petronas towers. After that tiring day, we made our super rest in Tune Hotel.

Our flight back to Singapore was 7:45 in the morning so there was again a morning rush. After arrival in Singapore, Ann came back to her house to prepare for work and she was accompanied by Chichi. Since I didn't feel well that day, I filed for a sick leave but still had the remaining powers for the shopping process... hehehe... We urgently looked for the PUMA store in Ngee Ann City as Sonny had this 45% employee discount. I bought a shirt and jeans. We met again Ann and Chichi in Dhoby Ghaut station and we all headed to Chinatown. Ann treated us a super lunch that we all enjoyed. We returned to Dhoby Ghaut and we were supposedly to buy items in Crocs but we all changed our mind. So that moment, Ann was going to work while the tourists were heading to airport again for their flight back to Manila and I went directly home to rest.

Such very tiring days but I really enjoyed those times same as I enjoyed our trip in Bangkok last year. Forgot to mention that the eight of us traveled together before and that was in Thailand. Our next plan is to visit Australia and New Zealand, hopefully on January 2010.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lost & Found

Last night, after alighting from the taxi, I felt that I left something but I just ignored it, instead I checked the mailbox and went directly to my room. I watched two tv series and played Typing Maniac on Facebook and went to sleep. I woke up around 1 in the afternoon and immediately prepared for work. My shift is 2pm to 11pm so I decided that I will just take a cab to office. I searched for my wallet but I couldn't find it. I checked every corner of my room but it was not there. I felt so nervous that moment and I gave up in looking for it after almost an hour. I immediately called the taxi company and report for the lost item. I was also thinking that I might dropped my wallet while checking the mailbox. Then I dialled several banks in the Philippines to report my lost credit cards (HSBC, Citibank and BPI). I was really mad that time but I have no choice but still to report to work.

I arrived in the office quarter to three and after an hour, I received a call from Citibank Singapore and informed me that someone found my wallet and handed it to a police station. Included in my wallet is an ATM from Citibank Singapore so it might be the key on how I was traced and contacted. He informed me to call Aisha for more details. I called Aisha immediately and it was confirmed that my wallet was indeed in their posession. I immediately left the office to claim it and there, I met Josh, a Filipino serviceman and brought me to Aisha's office. After waiting for 5 minutes, I finally retrived my wallet and all of the items inside of it were complete! This is another reason why I love Singapore, besides from cleanliness, security and e-services, I can say that I am in good hands...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sad Again...

I don't know how to express these feelings but I really feel so sad that I don't even understand why. For the past few days I was very happy with my friends from Manila and after they left, I felt sad. It was the same feelings when my bestfriend returned back to Manila. Maybe there is something missing in my life. I miss those times that I spent days with friends until late of the night, eating out and stay in Starbucks until it closes, go tripping and have this lunch everytime there is a celebration, weekend gimmicks just to enjoy each other's company. It's been one year and I still don't feel those kind of feelings such as excitement, rush, total happiness and laughing so loud. Friends in Manila are really incomparable and cannot be replaced. That's why everytime I hava a chance to visit Manila, it is always part of my itinerary to meet all of them, from high school friends, college friends, Fujitsu friends up to the Misys friends. They are all part of my life and played a vital role on who and where I am now. Good friends are really hard to find. I don't know but I really feel sad since yesterday. I just hope that this feeling will ease immediately so that I can look forward to more friends who are going to visit me here or travel the world with them, who knows we might be in the other part of the world on the next few months... :D

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