Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Com-Ror Fan-Tion

The last four movies I have watched were different in genres. There was a comedy romance, a horror flick, full packed action movie and a fantasy film.

1. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - I am a Jennifer Garner fan since her blockbuster spy tv series "Alias" but unfortunately, I was able to watch only two seasons. Overall, this movie contains some touching scenes and the comedy parts were quite good, you will laugh and maybe even cry. Even though the movie had a predictable ending and was the same cliche movie that Matthew usually stars in, I still enjoyed it. And although the story has been done over and over again, this movie's comedic writing makes the idea fresh and new. On the acting side, Jennifer was really good. I think she is better here than that Elektra movie. Michael Douglas did a very important and hilarious part of the movie as he was the main point and root of the story. Overall, it was a funny and light hearted movie with drama and romance.

2. Drag Me To Hell - Sam Raimi is indeed intelligent in terms of horror flicks. His direction on this movie was quite interesting. He mixed heart pumping scary scenes with a little touch of comedic acts and it all went well. What separates this film from any other horror film is that Raimi's ability to lull the audience in with humor and heart just before he acts upon your vulnerability. The twist of the movie was quite interesting. The mixture of sound and the scenes itself will really frighten you and I admit, I was quite using my hands to cover my eyes on some of the scenes. The horror parts are truly effective because of the great timing and volume but the content is really standard. The visuals were also good and rewed up a good scare, the shadow, the squeaking gates and other horrifying scenes.

3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The only thing I hate about this movie is that it is very long, about two and a half hours and there were some scenes that should have been removed to give more visuals on more important scenes. But in totality, I loved it and I can say that it is better than the first one. Full packed action scenes and never ending (sometimes boring dialogues between the lovers) little funny jokes. Another "good to eyes" of the film was Megan Fox, she is really hot! On the special effects depart, superb! It was really great, I was fascinated on how those fighting scenes were created and they were really convincing as if it can really be happening in the real life. Michael Bay's trademark is to do action films with mixing humor and due to that, the movie also gave out a lighter side of a super action film.

4. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - I was quite disappointed with the movie. I was expecting extravagant magic and fantasy scenes but I was really dismayed and I asked myself on the ending... "that's it?". But the movie is still quite nice and maybe one reason why I really didn't enjoy it is that I do not read the book itself and instead I was just relying on the big screen portrayal. The lighter side of the film was the Lavender-Ron-Hermione love triangle and it was quite funny. I can say that I liked it but didn't love it. I was looking for something and I was only dismayed by the ending. But this latest installment on the HP series maintained its glamorous standards on visual effects and outstanding costumes.


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