Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lost & Found

Last night, after alighting from the taxi, I felt that I left something but I just ignored it, instead I checked the mailbox and went directly to my room. I watched two tv series and played Typing Maniac on Facebook and went to sleep. I woke up around 1 in the afternoon and immediately prepared for work. My shift is 2pm to 11pm so I decided that I will just take a cab to office. I searched for my wallet but I couldn't find it. I checked every corner of my room but it was not there. I felt so nervous that moment and I gave up in looking for it after almost an hour. I immediately called the taxi company and report for the lost item. I was also thinking that I might dropped my wallet while checking the mailbox. Then I dialled several banks in the Philippines to report my lost credit cards (HSBC, Citibank and BPI). I was really mad that time but I have no choice but still to report to work.

I arrived in the office quarter to three and after an hour, I received a call from Citibank Singapore and informed me that someone found my wallet and handed it to a police station. Included in my wallet is an ATM from Citibank Singapore so it might be the key on how I was traced and contacted. He informed me to call Aisha for more details. I called Aisha immediately and it was confirmed that my wallet was indeed in their posession. I immediately left the office to claim it and there, I met Josh, a Filipino serviceman and brought me to Aisha's office. After waiting for 5 minutes, I finally retrived my wallet and all of the items inside of it were complete! This is another reason why I love Singapore, besides from cleanliness, security and e-services, I can say that I am in good hands...


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