Monday, August 24, 2009

Brunei Trip - Day 2

On my next day on this country, I woke up at 7am and had shower then went to their restaurant for the complimentary breakfast. The cook was a Filipino and the foods weren't bad. You have to select from the 6 sets of breakfast goodies and you can have drink all you can coffee or tea. Anyway, after that meal, I started to walk again for 20 minutes towards the Kampong Ayer. The station for the boat going to Temburong area is on that place. Then the so called "residence jetty" arrived and it took me to Temburong. The almost one hour ride going to Temburong from Bandar Seri Begawan was really refreshing. The water was so cool and the air was so calm. During the trip, it seemed like we were in the middle of forest as I saw some forest-like scenes and we are on the river.

At almost 10 in the morning, I arrived at the Temburong area. I was looking for a taxi and there was none. I was planning to go to Jerudong National Park but somebody told me that since it's almost 10, it will be impossible for me to go there as there will be a high tide at around 2 in the afternoon and I will have difficulties in going back to the station and the last jetty back to Bandar Seri Begawan will be at 4PM. I was quite disappointed so I just roamed the place of Temburong but after half an hour, I just decided to take a jetty back to the capital city of Brunei.

Next, I visited the Tamu Open Market and it seems like a semi-Venice scenery. The open market is beside the river and they are selling mostly fruits. I didn't took so much time on that place and looked for the bus station that will bring me to The Mall Gadong.

I took Bus 01 on the Bandar station. Their buses are color violet with a number on the front to indicate it's route. There were lists of route per bus number so it was easy for me to navigate the entire city. I arrived at The Mall Gadong at past 12 in the afternoon so I took lunch first. I was quite surprise as I saw many Filipinos on the foodcourt, as in! I ordered some chili beef on this stall and the vendor was also a Filipino! So I ate my lunch and watched G.I. Joe on the mall's cineplex.

After the movie, I left the mall at around 5 in the afternoon and spent more few hours on the street of Bandar. The surroundings were very clean and there was only a small volume of vehicles on the streets so the air was mild fresh. The people here were very warm and very disciplined. Then I returned to hotel to freshen up as I was planning to visit the night market.

It was a half hour walk when I got into the night market. To my surprise, it was a place for foods galore. I was thinking that it was a place for souvenirs and other Brunei related products. I wasn't that dismayed at all as I had a wonderful dinner on that place. For them, night market is market for foods so that's one lesson I have learned from them.


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