Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September Quicky

Last Saturday, 19th of September, I made a quick visit in Manila for three major reasons. First was to visit my grandmother as I have been hearing news that she is suffering from health complications. My lola is almost 90 years old and she is still fighting for her life. Her eyes problem resulted into her blindness and most of the time, she is sleeping. She is very weak but her medications are still on going. We still want to fight for her life even if many are saying that since she is so old, we should prepare ourselves for something bad. But we will always be by her side until the end. The second reason for my surprise visit was because of my youngest sister's birthday. There were foods when I arrived, my mother cooked mostly chicken meals and pansit bihon. My other sister prepared tiramisu for dessert. It was raining hard when I arrived at home but I was very happy seeing them again. We went to Enchanted Kingdom the next day to celebrate more her birthday. My mom was in the "kiddie mood" and was acting like a little kid and enjoyed every rides. It was such a lovely day as it did not rain and we all had a great time. Finally, the last reason was that I really miss them. On my last day, I had a date with my mom and my favorite auntie who used to take care of me when I was a kid while my mother was at work. We first had lunch then we watched a movie and can you believe that they wanted Kimmy Dora? Hehehe... It was such a funny movie anyway. Afterwards, twas time for some grocery for their household needs. It was a very quick visit but I made sure that those days are only family days...


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