Monday, October 12, 2009

Ondoy + Backpack

Last 26th of September, I started my very first backpack series on which I travelled five countries (Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & India) to experience the culture and see the wonderful and sceneric spots that each country is proud of. It became a bittersweet trip when on the same day, a super typhoon striked Manila and I was very worried about the situation of my mother and sisters. On the first night of my trip, I immediately called them but I failed to contact them. I was then informed that telecommunication is not possible on that day to our area. I called my father in Riyadh to get an update on the situation but he himself wasn't able to contact them. I searched the internet and saw the devastating effect of typhoon Ondoy in the metro. Some of them were seeking help from the roof of their home as their entire house was flooded by Ondoy.

I can't really enjoy my vacation that time but after few days... I don't know but I felt such a relief maybe it was because of my positive thinking about the situation and that I am a very optimist person. During my trips, I met these wonderful people that even for a little time that we spent together, I have learned a lot of experiences and lessons about their country and on how to be more confident in travelling alone. I met Dung from Vietnam, Jack from Laos, Dave from Myanmar, Soni from India and another solo traveller Brad during my connecting flight from Kolkata to New Delhi. I can say that eventhough my trip wasn't that perfect, I am proud to say that I have gained confidence, learned a lot of strategies, experienced several cultures and that I am a real survivor. When I got back in Singapore, I immediately called my mother and I was right, they were just doing fine, no harm and were in good condition. Think positive and always trust to God...


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