Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Last Few Days

It's been a while since I updated my blog and there were many reasons why I didn't put a time on this task. The last few days of 2009 were very hectic and needed an immediate attention and response. On the very first day of December, I filed my resignation and many plans became unattainable. I was supposed to be in Macau but I have to finish my notice period without taking any VLs as I want to leave my post with gratitude. Also on the last remaining days of December were the times of so much effort on looking for a new place. Thank God I found this very nice condominium in Kembangan. It is just few steps away from the MRT station, as you open the gate of the condo, alas, the station is there. I am now living with a young couple and they are very nice and very understanding. But the most explosive accomplishment that I did on the remaining days of 2009 was getting a job from Barclays as an Analyst. I've been in the banking domain for five years now and so far I am enjoying it. Another thing is that I started to attend a church service and I will make a full article on this one. These service activities made me closer to Him and made me realize that there are still lot of things that I need to learn and understand. Then on the last day of 2009, I had a flight to Manila and took a one week rest and of course to celebrate New Year with my loved ones. As I was on the plane that time, I was remembering all the pains and happiness that I experienced during the year 2009, they made me stronger and built my personality. Saying goodbye gave me a chance for a new beginning and another chance of enjoying the life to the fullest, of course with the help of God. I am very positive that year 2010 will be a tremendous year for me.


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