Friday, April 30, 2010

Bowling Madness

Alright, we had this bowling game last April 17 and I was such a loser. The last time I played this sport was almost four years ago. Still, I know how to handle and throw the ball but the results were always "canal" and I was devastated. But it was just for fun and no competition at all. I thought there will be a winner or something that will recognize the best gamers. Anyway, it was held in Safra Yishun and twas four blocks away from my previous home. The atmosphere was fun and the foods were extravagant (should I really say that?). Can you believe that the foods I brought here in Singapore from Macau were part of the "buffet"?

Seriously, it was fun seeing these people performing and exhibiting their other sides whether competitively or comically. I was kinda surprised as I saw new faces but it wasn't that hard to contemplate and have small talks with them. But hey, I only scored 60! Grrr... kidding...


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