Saturday, April 10, 2010

Forgetting About Work

I had this bonding with my new officemates for the first time. Yes, it was almost three months since I started working to this new employer and alas, a wild experience (should I really say that?) with them happened. Only Ann and I were Filipinos and the remaining six were Indians. At first, I was very hesitant to attend this small party as I was new to the team. Actually twas a farewell party for Bhupesh as he will be transferring to New York office. Back to the event, it was in this Bayshore condominium located in Bedok. I bought some fruits and chips, we had chicken and fish barbecue.

We also had some drinks but of course, no alcohol for me and Ram. Ann brought some fishes that were very delicious and ultimate in taste. While Sandeep made these chicken with sauce (I don't know how to call it exactly) that superb in flavor. After few hours, whew! Bimlesh became kinda wild, hahaha... I think he put an extra joy to the event. He was very loud, making "kulit" to all of us and suddenly, he was very quiet and started puking! I think he just enjoyed the night. We transferred to ECP to stay for a while before going home.
It was a nice experience seeing the different sides of my new teammates. Can you also believe that they think me as a very nice and very quiet person (somebody to object?). We have differences in culture and race but the most important thing is that we know how to respect each other and entitle everyone to their own opinion.


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