Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sing & Run

Shut up! That was my initial reaction when I was requested to sing in an acoustic night. It was a special event within the subdistrict of Hope Church. I thought they were making fun of me but hey, it was for real! Eventually I agreed to join since I will be performing only one song and it was a duet. The song title was "Kahit Kailan" by the Southborder and I did the part of Jay Durias. Suddenly, my college moments flashed back to me. Twas the time when my college friends used to tease me that I have a resemblance of Jay Durias. What the heck?! Anyway, the rehearsal went on but a week before the performance night, I got sick. I was having a hard cough with matching sorethroat. I wasn't able to attend the last 2 practices. So the 15th of May came and it was an instant nervous feeling. But with God's help, I was able to perform and I was confident singing my piece with Angel who did the part of Brix. I just finished all the performances of our band, Band Aid and i left immediately the place to meet a friend.

After two months of preparation, the 10K Marathon came last 22nd of May. I was with good friends and churchmates who came all prepared and excited. They wore the uber pangit sando, sorry but I really hated the racing shirt provided by the organizing committee. The race went smooth for the first 7.5k, I ran non stop and the phasing was perfect. Then an uneasiness came as the road narrows. I had difficulty to run as some of the racers were walking and blocking the runway. But in the end I finished the race and it was a good feeling moment. Super dinner came as we headed to this buffet steamboat but before arriving to the place, we walked almost 3k. But it was worth it as the foods were really great!


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