Friday, June 18, 2010

Class Pix of '90 & '97

It was really nice being tagged on a picture on which you were younger and suddenly, all memories of both fun and sadness will flash in your face. I saw the top picture from a friend in Facebook and it was take 1990, it was 20 years ago! I got to see my younger face and was able to add friends and we communicated again. The picture was taken in the vicinity of Pasig Elementary School and thanks to Chantell she was able to scan it and post it. I bet you cannot point where I'm standing from that picture.

This next picture was taken during my sophomore years in Rizal High School, twas 1997. The picture was posted in Facebook by Pherlou and thanks to him, a reunion is in work in progress. From 1990 to 1997, hmmmm no big changes occurred, hehehe... Same to the other picture, I was able to find some old friends and we reconnected and saying hi and hello even in the internet is really fun!


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