Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Malacca Quicky

This blog post is a contribution from Ann.

Malacca - Overnight trip with Irene and Carlo across the Malaysian border to the historical city of Melaka. Its listed as a Unesco World Heritage site and me with my fascination with old towns and ruins was in camera clicking mode so I dragged these 2 over there. Going, we went via JB, which meant another bus ride to malacca and boy was that a mistake. Our estimated arrival time from sg was 2pm at the latest, we got there past 5, just enough to check in to our very affordable hostel with the friendliest staff ever and get going to catch some light.

The location of this hostel is perfect, all the sights we went to were in near walking distance but far enough so there's still have some peace and quiet. We walked everywhere and it was kind of refreshing not having to worry about what bus to take or haggling with taxis. We didnt want to repeat our mistake yesterday and spend the whole day travelling so we tried to book a direct bus to SG but amazingly of 5 liners each with schedules at every hour and a half, all the afternoon times were full. But our resourceful hostel manager Mr.Teng was able to get us tickets for 2pm the next day. Which meant we'd have to get up really early and finish touring by lunch.

That decided, our first plan, have dinner! "Gems" (is it really James? We'll never know..) from the hostel recommended this place with good Nonya cuisine, it was on Jonker street where the night market is, so that was convinient. Although it was so far inside and we were starving, we almost gave up looking for it. Good thing we did not! That was some yummy food! I would definitely go back just for that chili chicken dish! No diet on trips is the rule, so dont judge! After, we walked back the way we came but by this time the night market had come alive and it was so crowded, you just had to spend a little time to check things out since you werent going anywhere soon anyways.
We spotted a foot reflexology place along the street and Irene and I went in for an hour of blissful pampering. Carlo went wandering off on his own, I dont know where he ended up to but I gave him my camera and he came back without a single picture!oh come on!! :p while making our way out of jonker street, we food triped again with the local street food - some dimsum, radish cake and grass jelly drink to wash it down.bought some malacca tshirts, our customary souvenir item from all the places we go to.
Got back to the hostel pretty dead beat, quick showers and off to sleep. room was clean and comfortable and very cold, although walls were thin you could hear people from next door (talking, mind you) and walking through the hallways.good thing they quieted down early as well. We had the ceiling fan on when we slept, but it was off when we woke up. The question of who turned it off is still a mystery (ohhhhh...) because both Irene and Carlo said they got up in the night to switch it off but none said they switched it on..how can you switch something off twice??! anyways.. we got up early and off exploring again. we were waiting for breakfast at the hostel but they only started serving at 8:30 and we were early by 15 mins. Having nothing to do, we strolled around a bit, and man, was the town asleep! Everything was still closed.
We wandered around the streets a little, took in some portugese architecture then walked back to the hostel by the river with the sun just starting to rise higher on the town and i do so prefer sunrises rather than sunsets so I enjoyed that. Irene said she saw a "buhaya" (did I spell it right?) which is either a crocodile or an alligator (my tagalog isnt perfect sorry!!) Breakfast,to our dismay turned out to be coffee and toast (we were expecting some nasi lemak!) but i guess for 10SGD a night each, that was more than generous.Plus coffee was really good. :D
We finally found the A famosa and all the other sights we were looking for when we headed out again and that where we spent the rest of the morning. They're all pretty much next to each other so its enough to keep you preoccupied for a couple of hours. My slr ran out of battery right after breakfast so all the pix after that were taken from my digi cam.Good thing the battery on that held off. The hostel sent us off to the bus terminal after lunch but the manager asked me when the continuation of our trip would be so that left me thinking there still so many things we missed although I do think we got to all the major sites We didnt have an itinenary (no aybee), and no research or maps so I could be wrong. Anyways, for a grand total of 80sgd, that was well worth it.

To see the complete photo album and view more pictures, visit Ann's multiply site by clicking here.


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