Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Survived

It's been four months since the last update on this blog. The past few months were the hardest days of my life here in Singapore. I had three major family related problems and one with regards to my career. I even had a major sickness and almost give up on medicines. I felt so weak and fragile and many things came to my mind. I thought of returning to Manila to rebuild myself and embrace what future holds me there. I even thought of travelling again and be gone for two months or never come back. But I stood up and continued my life. For everything that happened, I believed that there is a purpose behind it. A friend asked me if I had doubts about God after what happened to me. I just answered to her that He has a plan to me and in the right time, I know better days will come. And I was right, I knew I can do it, I have learned to always trust Him and put my faith only to Him. I can say that those hardships, obstacles and tests that He gave me, helped me to be a stronger and better person. After those storms, I really felt that I was renewed, refreshed and reborned.


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