Friday, April 13, 2012

The Consulates

Last Sunday, I went for a medical as per employment requirement. It was in Knowledge Village which cost 750 AED. Also, I went to Singapore Consulate in Dubai. Initially, I asked the driver to take me to Singapore Embassy but he corrected me and said that it was actually Singapore Consulate. Anyway, the purpose was to file renunciation of my residency in Singapore. It was actually a big decision but I thought that I should move fast and the money from CPF will be helpful to me. I have a plan for my family and the CPF money will somehow be useful to circulate the money and to improve our lives. From Ibn Batuta to the consulate, the fare was about 55 AED and the process went smoothly. I have surrendered my SG identification card and was asked to write a letter that I am officialy renouncing my residency. It was a big decision especially this time that many Filipinos are wanting/applying for such status in Singapore and the results weren't that good. But I have to move on, forget the past and look forward. Singapore thought me a lot of things and there, I found my second family that brought me closer to Him. I would definitely come back to Singapore but only as a tourist and to visit some dear friends.
On Tuesday, I went to Etisalat Metro Station and took a cab. I asked the driver to take me to Philippine Embassy and again, I was corrected and insisted it was the Philippine consulate. Alright, I was really confused so I checked and found out the Consulate is like a junior embassy where the embassy is located in the capital of the country, where for UAE, it's in Abu Dhabi. Actually my first attempt to enter the consulate was a failure as I was wearing short which is not allowed so I returned the next day. There I processed SPA for my mother to be my attorney in fact to process my documents in DFA Manila. The fee was 100 AED (more than 1k PHP) which is absolutely insane! When I processed the same document last month in Manila, it was only 150 PHP. Anyway, maybe that's the rule so I have to accept. But what really irritated me was that it will take 1 week to get the document. It was only an hour in Manila! My goodness, the process was very slow, maybe one reason why the country's progression is also in the slow pace. Well again, I needed to accept that policy, so I just went back to hotel and rest.


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