Tuesday, April 10, 2012


On my first day here in Dubai, I woke up so early. It was about 7AM here (11AM SGT), I thought that I need more adjustment when it comes to my body clock. I unpacked some of my things, configured the internet and familiarized myself by checking the nearest supermarket, coffee shop, pizza parlor and even gym and spa. I asked the receptionist what is the nearest mall and she pointed me to Ibn Battuta Mall. Eventually, my childhood friend Ces and her husband invited me for a night out.
So I decided to stroll on my own first in the mall and it was a really huge shopping mall. One thing I noticed was that the mall doesn't have 2nd floor (except for the Fitness First branch). The entire facility and stalls were situated on the 1st floor, so it was a long walk as I believe the mall was subdivided with different cultures such as China, India, Persia, etc. I first went to a money changer then I found this movie house (Grand Cinema) on which I bought a 3D ticket for 'Wrath of the Titans'. It was also a cool thing that they are giving free 3D glasses so I kept mine as a small souvenir. While killing some time, I decided to explore the mall and take a snack & coffee in Starbucks.
At past 6PM, Ces & his husband arrived and they took their dinner then we headed out to Dubai Mall / Burk Khalifa. There I saw the world's tallest building and inside the mall, I bought my local sim card from Etisalat for 200 AED with 1GB data bundle. I also saw the world's biggest aquarium and world's biggest dancing fountain. Did you remember that Whitney Houston tribute with a music and fountain?! It was the same fountain and that night a simple cultural music was playing in sych with the dance movement of th water. The first day isn't that bad, honestly I enjoyed it but became very sleepy at around 8PM on which 12PM in SGT on which my body clock was reading. I believe this is a start, a beginning, a preface of upcoming good events here in Dubai. Yeah, life isn't about good times but I'm ready with the challenges as I believe He is here with me, guiding me as always.


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