Thursday, May 3, 2012

No More Chicken

Since yesterday, I have removed chicken meat in my food list. Same to what I did to pork and beef. I must admit, it is a very difficult decision because chicken is what I love the most! No more KFC, Chickenjoy, roasted chicken, etc. But I would still eat egg because, uhmmmm... it's not yet a meat?! Hehehe. Anyway, when I was in a food court, I was having hard time what to eat, so I ended up in fish fillet sandwich. I also bought Century tuna in cans and Ligo sardines. This weekend, I'm planning to buy prawns, squid and fish. So it will be a season of seafoods for me for three years. Yes, after three years I will also stop eating seafoods.

Basically, I'm doing this not for diet purposes but for health stability. Meats aren't helpful when you start to get old so fruits and vegetables will be the solution. I don't want to focus on that yet since I want to enjoy first seafoods. I know, I know, I will miss chicken meat but I believe that I can do this until I reach that goal, to be a vegetarian. And based on my 9 year plan (started 2006), I will be victorious haha...


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