Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Soloist

It is indeed a very sad feeling
Seems like the pain isn't even healing
Just like tears that are continuously leaking
From my hurtful eyes which are weeping

Being alone can cause so much ache
And sometimes I show a face who is fake
So no one will notice what is at stake
Instead a cover up is need for own sake

But deep inside my heart and mind
Is a loud voice of a different kind
That shouts there's a purpose for me to find
Forget the hatred, make a time to unwind

I don't think that help is so unreachable
And that rectifying the sadness is so impossible
I Do not worry and I won't stumble
I'll outburst my inner strength, I'll stay humble

I'll Stand up and cheer up, depend to no one
Will Show them what I got and be a real man
Reach my ultimate goals and continue to run
Until the sadness and pains were gone

Yes I'm a soloist but I don't care
I can overcome everything who wants to dare
Yes I'm a solist and I'm not scared
Opportunites are the place where everyone is fair


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