Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Optimist

There are times that we are on top
Always dreaming all the way up
But be reminded that He can interrupt
In tests and trials we can be trapped

Life isn't always about the good times
Making mistakes isn't like committing crimes
We get the best lessons that are also sublime
To mold us into something great and prime

Just continue to hold on and keep the faith
World is full of temptations, don't take the bait
Rewrite your future, good plans aren't too late
There are thousands of opportunities like an open gate

Ask for protection and more guidance
Talk to Him, there's always a chance
Hope and then victory won't be a glance
Keep the faith and trust to be enhanced

Be positive in everything you do
He is besides you with full love that's true
Climb to triumph, continue to pursue
That life is good but full of challenges too


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