Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts

It's been almost seven years since I started blogging with and it was four years ago when I purchased domain so that I can customize my blog URL (without the This is my first blog site as I have another blog ( which is for different purpose. Today I checked the number of views per post so I came up with my top 5 blog post (the list is interesting as I am not sure who viewed them and what were the reasons behind it):

1. Fitness First Branches Tour (Part Three) / July 2008 / 24,036 views
Year 2007 when I became active in my fitness and health. I managed to have 4-pack abs (for real!). It was the time when I spend my lunch break in the gym. I had two personal trainors and the result was indeed good. I was able to visit most of the Fitness First branches in the Philippines with the help of my officemates and my best buddy. After four years, here I am in UAE, trying to regain the body I used to have and of course to have more confidence.

2. Brunei Trip Day 3 / September 2009 / 23,925 views
It was my first solo trip during my years in Singapore. I actually called it "the preparation" for my Asian tour (6 countries for 10 days) haha. The trip was relaxing and Brunei is so beautiful. I wonder if this post helped someone or other travellers who also visited Brunei. The experience of solo travelling resulted to something good, the breeze of independence and the joy of exploring a place without any interruption from others and minding only myself. I am now planning my Europe Tour that is slated to be accomplished next year.

3. Team Building @ Fisher's Farm Resort / May 2007 / 23,561 views
This was the team building we had in Misys. I think it was only for the FixDev team. The place was refreshing but the activities that we had weren't that good. Uhmmm, I did enjoy it but not totally. There were times that it was so boring and the true purpose wasn't accomplished. I'm not sure why this post has this tremendous views. Maybe others are checking what to see in this resort? Or other Misys offices around the world were interested on what the Philippine branch is doing? 

4. Myanmar Trip - Yangon / December 2009 / 23,547 views
I love Myanmar, this country is so simple and I think it is very peaceful contrary to the reports before that the city was being occupied mostly by soldiers. The foods were great and I was able to meet a new friend who also served as my tour guide. This trip was a part of my Asian tour. I am planning to visit Myanmar again and I am targetting to spend most of the time in Bagan.

5. Cooking 101: Palitaw / May 2009 / 23,511 views
It was one Saturday afternoon on which I was so bored and decided to make a Filipino merienda food. I am not an expert in making delicacies but I tried my best and I can say that my palitaw was a success haha. I think I also helped others to make palitaw because of this post.


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