Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ching-Liway Wedding

I was able to visit again the city of Cebu last 17th of August. It was a very short vacation and I wasn't able to meet all my relatives there. The main reason why I traveled to this place was the wedding of good friends and my spiritual leaders Ching and Liway. They asked me to be one their groomsmen last year. During the decision making whether I will transfer here in Dubai, I also considered my attendance in this wedding. When I accepted the job here, I ensured Ate Liway that I will still attend the wedding. So I made all the necessary plans and arrangement with my boss here and thank God my leave was approved.

Why was it important for me to attend this wedding? Well, it wasn't just because I will see my Singapore friends again but it was also because of Ate Liway. She has been my leader since I started my walk with God. She guided me and challenged me in my journey to true Christianity. We've been to ups and downs of leader-core team relationship and we managed to surpass all those things. She isn't just a good friend but also an advisor and mentor towards my maturity in His path. I felt that I can show my appreciation to all the things she did for me by attending her greatest love event. Kuya Ching on the other hand became my shepherd for almost a year who also opened my eyes, mind and heart to the deeper meaning of being an armor of God. He also gave me a huge responsibility by giving me sheeps to disciple. For me, it is not the material things that matters most in order to remember a person, it is how he/she changed our lives and how they move us to be a better person. This couple showed me that so in return, my presence is the way of thanking them and I did not care the cost of the airfare just to attend the wedding.

It was a solemn ceremony and you can really feel the love in the air. The entire event was properly managed. The only thing I did not enjoy was the food, well, you can blame me since I do not eat pork, beef and chicken. Luckily, there were vegetables hahaha. The weather that day was perfect. Also, seeing those friends after four months was a good part of that trip.

Get Married First and Be Rewarded

It all started when I asked these people whom I call "WeServ Superfriends" about their interest in getting a tourist visa here in UAE. But the discussion went to Eurotrip, to Swizz trip, Manila trip, and yearly travel budget until Chi talked about her plan of attending a wedding in Manila on April and asked when she can attend a wedding of one of us. So the betting started on who among of us will get married first. So I became interested and excited about it and made the rules and regulations that we all agreed on.

Each of us will give 3,000 pesos so that total money will be 15,000 pesos. If your guess/bet is correct then you will receive 10,000 pesos and the person who will get married first will acquire the remaining 5,000 pesos. If more than one guessed the same person, they have to divide the 10,000 prize. But if you want to get all the money (15,000 pesos) then you can bet for yourself and do all the necessary things to get married first.

As a result, Allan bet for Chi and asked her not to fail him. My first choice was Allan but I changed it to Ivy. Ann's bet was me (huh, in her dreams). Surprisingly, Chi and Ivy bet for themselves which means they have to compete to get married first (of course Allan & I were happy and excited about it). So this blog post will be the official contract and the exchange of emails that we had will be another source of proof of this agreement. You say what? You also want to bet? Hahaha. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quality Time with Family

I was fortunate to have a quick vacation in Manila just after working for four months here in Dubai compared to others who have to wait for a year before taking a break. I had a good time and I was so happy giving gifts to them, thanks to the CPF I received from Singapore haha. I ensured that I will have a quality time with them and put a smile on their face after experiencing a devastating typhoon. I don't know but during those times, I was so excited and joyful giving to them since I am not always with them and its very rare to have good times and spend moments with my family as I am out of the country most of the time. My mother requested for a ring and when I gave it to her, she was so happy to see it. I told her that the ring is valid for ten years as a gift haha. I also bought a house and lot for her so that our old house can be rented by others to generate monthly income.

My youngest sister, surprisngly, requested for inspirational books to read while the other asked for brand new cellphone. I also treated them in an a dinner buffet. As for my auntie whom I call "nanay", I gave her cash to use in her expenses and house related matters. Her only son's wish was also granted, I gave him the action figures he requested and new bicycle to play with. It was like Christmas in August and I was so thankful for all the blessings He has given to me. Of course I did not forget my other relatives who weren't as fortunate as me and it was very fulfilling to share your blessings. My father's oldest sister requested for financial help to fix her eyeglass and I didn't hesitate to give it. I also gave some help to my mother's relatives in Floodway, it was a small amount but it will be a big help for them in their business. 

When I was Cebu, I met with my other relatives. After almost three years, I was able to see again my cousins, uncle and aunt. It was a long story why they relocated in the queen city of the south. I took them in Jollibee for my cousins to enjoy the food, then we headed to supermarket to purchase basic needs, foods and other items for them to use. I also gave them some money as I saw how hard their life is in Cebu. I also visited my cousins in Cavite and provided some financial help, it wasnt' that big but the happiness I saw from their faces was priceless. Those times were indeed full of happy moments and inner fulfillment. The moment I stepped my feet on the plane departing Manila, I felt a bit of sadness but those smiles will be treasured and a very good weapon against this negative feeling.

Financial Bullying

Last 26th of August, I posted a status on Twitter on which also updated my Facebook account automatically. It was supposed to be a simple statement but it became controversial as many reacted in several ways. Some were positive, many came in defense and I think some were hurt. I guess I haven't learned my lessons well about posting things online about my feelings, but hey, there is no law prohibiting me to do so. But, there are still some things to consider before clicking the submit button. My statement was: "My last vacation made me realize/identify those friends who really wanted to see me and those who just wanted a treat and/or pasalubong". I am blessed having so many friends but my time was limited in meeting all of them in my last vacation.

Indeed, this break from work reminded me something, which is to treasure your true friends and make an effort in seeing them no matter what. Below are my experiences which I can say an eye opener as to how to identify my level of friendship with them. You be the judge if I am being abused or its just their own way of "paglalambing" or showing me that they really miss me or I am just overreacting.
  1. A certain friend asked me to just send them foods or make a delivery in their house instead of meeting me since he/she is very tired.
  2. A certain friend asked me to meet them so that I can treat them in a lavishing dinner experience.
  3. A certain friend joked about the items that he/she already selected in a shop (it's just a joke right?)
  4. A certain friend asked me to bring a specific food item and when I arrived there and gave it, I was almost scolded since I bought a different brand/color of food that he/she wanted.
  5. A certain friend requested me to check in a 5 star hotel so that he/she can experience the infinity pool.
  6. A certain friend asked me to sponsor her/his two way ticket for a domestic flight and even opened up the topic about the cheque I received from Singapore government.
On the above situations, I wanted to give them the answers and I wanted to shout out but instead, I chose to smile and change topic (I am the best person in diverting a topic during a conversation). Below items should have been my answer:
  1. If you really want to see me, you can make an effort or ask me to visit your house to see how I am doing.
  2. I don't have a voucher for free lavishing dinner experience and the both of us have work and earnings.
  3. Hmmmm, I don't think its your birthday today and besides I am not your boyfriend/bestfriend to joke about it.
  4. Woah, I haven't heard the words "thank you" yet and now you are expressing your disappointment?
  5. Come on, didn't you even miss me? So you will be happier in infinity pool rather than spend time with your friend?
  6. Huh, you have work right? And you already aware of such thing/event so you should have saved money for it and leave alone the money I received.
Is it true that jokes are half meant? I know I shouldn't take those things seriously but it is always the scenario, if I am around the words treat or "libre ka naman dyan" surfaces. I feel so abused and if I say that it's your turn to treat then they will answer, "oh God teaches us to share our blessings so you should share yours". How about your blessings? You just want to receive and don't want to give? I think I should call it "financial bullying" since they are aware that yes, I earn more than them but it shouldn't be a reason to be abused and always ask me to share my money. Why can't they just let me volunteer to do it because everytime I treat them, its from my heart and I give my hundred percent on it. But when I just wanted to see them and talk about the memories and keep up with them, I am hoping that we should just treasure the moment and avoid the "libre" thing. Also, I have learned to be more humble and keep my feet on the ground in terms of exposing myself in financial terms. I also have debt, we all have work, we all have family to support, we are all receiving blessings. Honestly the image "galante" and "nanlilibre" is one of the many reasons why I wanted to start anew, I want to reinvent myself and constitute new identity, the one who is more humble and can have happy moments without spending too much money. Its like I am buying friendship. I am sorry for those who might be hit by this post but a good friend advised me that only those who are guilty will be offended. So its up to your emotional feelings and conscience, again, I am sorry if I hurt anyone.

I appreciate those people who give me advise on these things, those friends who make effort to be with me in the airport for a sendoff dinner and spening remaining hours with me, those friends who don't forget to say "thank you", those friends who treasure my presence, those friends who sent messages saying they will miss me, those friends who gave simple token of friendship, those friends who are more interested in your stories and the happenings in my life after long time of absence, those friends who prays for me and prays with me, those friends who lend me financial help. I know this post will result into different reactions but I chose to outburst my feelings to put a stop on this and treasure those TRUE friends that will stick with me even if I don't have any money.

Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 Fall TV Premiere Dates

The fall is coming and my favorite shows are about to start their new seasons! So I made a list as a constant reminder for myself about the premiere dates. Below list contains the shows that I watch, if your favorite show is not here, then search for its premiere date.

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