Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ching-Liway Wedding

I was able to visit again the city of Cebu last 17th of August. It was a very short vacation and I wasn't able to meet all my relatives there. The main reason why I traveled to this place was the wedding of good friends and my spiritual leaders Ching and Liway. They asked me to be one their groomsmen last year. During the decision making whether I will transfer here in Dubai, I also considered my attendance in this wedding. When I accepted the job here, I ensured Ate Liway that I will still attend the wedding. So I made all the necessary plans and arrangement with my boss here and thank God my leave was approved.

Why was it important for me to attend this wedding? Well, it wasn't just because I will see my Singapore friends again but it was also because of Ate Liway. She has been my leader since I started my walk with God. She guided me and challenged me in my journey to true Christianity. We've been to ups and downs of leader-core team relationship and we managed to surpass all those things. She isn't just a good friend but also an advisor and mentor towards my maturity in His path. I felt that I can show my appreciation to all the things she did for me by attending her greatest love event. Kuya Ching on the other hand became my shepherd for almost a year who also opened my eyes, mind and heart to the deeper meaning of being an armor of God. He also gave me a huge responsibility by giving me sheeps to disciple. For me, it is not the material things that matters most in order to remember a person, it is how he/she changed our lives and how they move us to be a better person. This couple showed me that so in return, my presence is the way of thanking them and I did not care the cost of the airfare just to attend the wedding.

It was a solemn ceremony and you can really feel the love in the air. The entire event was properly managed. The only thing I did not enjoy was the food, well, you can blame me since I do not eat pork, beef and chicken. Luckily, there were vegetables hahaha. The weather that day was perfect. Also, seeing those friends after four months was a good part of that trip.


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