Thursday, August 30, 2012

Get Married First and Be Rewarded

It all started when I asked these people whom I call "WeServ Superfriends" about their interest in getting a tourist visa here in UAE. But the discussion went to Eurotrip, to Swizz trip, Manila trip, and yearly travel budget until Chi talked about her plan of attending a wedding in Manila on April and asked when she can attend a wedding of one of us. So the betting started on who among of us will get married first. So I became interested and excited about it and made the rules and regulations that we all agreed on.

Each of us will give 3,000 pesos so that total money will be 15,000 pesos. If your guess/bet is correct then you will receive 10,000 pesos and the person who will get married first will acquire the remaining 5,000 pesos. If more than one guessed the same person, they have to divide the 10,000 prize. But if you want to get all the money (15,000 pesos) then you can bet for yourself and do all the necessary things to get married first.

As a result, Allan bet for Chi and asked her not to fail him. My first choice was Allan but I changed it to Ivy. Ann's bet was me (huh, in her dreams). Surprisingly, Chi and Ivy bet for themselves which means they have to compete to get married first (of course Allan & I were happy and excited about it). So this blog post will be the official contract and the exchange of emails that we had will be another source of proof of this agreement. You say what? You also want to bet? Hahaha. 


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