Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quality Time with Family

I was fortunate to have a quick vacation in Manila just after working for four months here in Dubai compared to others who have to wait for a year before taking a break. I had a good time and I was so happy giving gifts to them, thanks to the CPF I received from Singapore haha. I ensured that I will have a quality time with them and put a smile on their face after experiencing a devastating typhoon. I don't know but during those times, I was so excited and joyful giving to them since I am not always with them and its very rare to have good times and spend moments with my family as I am out of the country most of the time. My mother requested for a ring and when I gave it to her, she was so happy to see it. I told her that the ring is valid for ten years as a gift haha. I also bought a house and lot for her so that our old house can be rented by others to generate monthly income.

My youngest sister, surprisngly, requested for inspirational books to read while the other asked for brand new cellphone. I also treated them in an a dinner buffet. As for my auntie whom I call "nanay", I gave her cash to use in her expenses and house related matters. Her only son's wish was also granted, I gave him the action figures he requested and new bicycle to play with. It was like Christmas in August and I was so thankful for all the blessings He has given to me. Of course I did not forget my other relatives who weren't as fortunate as me and it was very fulfilling to share your blessings. My father's oldest sister requested for financial help to fix her eyeglass and I didn't hesitate to give it. I also gave some help to my mother's relatives in Floodway, it was a small amount but it will be a big help for them in their business. 

When I was Cebu, I met with my other relatives. After almost three years, I was able to see again my cousins, uncle and aunt. It was a long story why they relocated in the queen city of the south. I took them in Jollibee for my cousins to enjoy the food, then we headed to supermarket to purchase basic needs, foods and other items for them to use. I also gave them some money as I saw how hard their life is in Cebu. I also visited my cousins in Cavite and provided some financial help, it wasnt' that big but the happiness I saw from their faces was priceless. Those times were indeed full of happy moments and inner fulfillment. The moment I stepped my feet on the plane departing Manila, I felt a bit of sadness but those smiles will be treasured and a very good weapon against this negative feeling.


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