Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Airline Review Part 2

1. Jetstar – this is a low cost airline based in Australia but they have huge presence in Asia which empowered by its Jetstar Asia Airways. They have multiple destinations and they almost covered the entire Asia. I mostly acquire this airline every time I go back to Manila from Singapore. Since it is a budget airline, do not expect any foods or snacks but the service is quite okay and I haven't experience any delay in this carrier. They also offer "beat the price", the process is that when there is a return ticket which is cheaper than what they offer, they can match it or even lower the price, you just have to call and inform them. Good deal right? The cabin crews are also helpful and very accommodating. Their flight schedules are also okay as they offer morning or night flight. I also enjoyed their Friday Frenzy on which every Friday, they offer ticket deals from 12PM to 2PM (not sure about the timings).

2. Tiger Airways – if you have a collection of all your boarding passes that departs from Singapore then this isn't a good carrier for you. On their check in counter, they will give a piece of paper with printed details of your flight unlike others which papers are harder and complete with logo and design. Also, their destinations are quite limited and the crew, as I observe, were quite slow. It’s the only airline I experienced on which the line for check in counter was that long.  But the good side about it is that no delay was encountered and the travel duration was smooth. I'm not a fashion expert but I did not like the uniform of the stewardess but I can say that their service is quite okay. By the way, it is a budget carrier from Singapore Airlines so expect a positive outcome in service.

3. Air Asia – The World Airline Awards gave Air Asia the title of the World's Best Low Cost Airline for 2012. It is the same list on which Jetstar Asia occupies the number seven spot. On the fashion side (again, I'm not a fashion expert) I can say that the uniform of the cabin crew is kinda pleasant and okay but not that ravishing or extravagant. The service is thumbs up and some of the planes were quite new. I used this airline during my trips in Malaysia, which also the carrier's headquarter. Also, no delay was experienced and they offer multiple destinations around Asia. They offer cheaper plane tickets and if you visit their website, they offer deal almost every day.

4. Lion Air – Actually, the experience on this airline was quite interesting. It wasn't in my plan to ride Lion Air's plane that day, I was booked with Jetstar. But my friend was so late that we weren't able to check in and the boarding gate was closed. Maybe because of some guilt feeling, she decided to buy a ticket on the same day and she spotted Lion Air. It was like a three hours delay of our supposed flight. Nevertheless, we were surprised on the amount of the ticket compared to other airlines. We were also amazed by the great service that we received and another good thing is that they provide lunch meals. Lion Air is Indonesia's largest privately run airline.

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