Monday, September 3, 2012

Fitness First Branches Tour Part 4 (International Edition)

I was supposed to blog about this last April but I only had the chance today. I admit that in my personal fitness aspect, it seems like I'm starting again. I'm trying to be as fit as I was last 2008. Many have changed and can you believe that I still hold on to my 2008 clothes as they serve as my inspiration and I truly believe that I will achieve my previous form. Well, I still have to make double effort, some sacrifice, discipline and focus. Anyway, let's start the discussion of my experiences in Fitness First branches.

1. Fitness First Harbour City (Hong Kong) – my favorite part of the club was the treadmill area because you are facing the sea, 'twas like running on water. I visited this gym during my vacation in Hong Kong with some officemates and the location isn't bad because I was able to find it easily. The reception was quite nice and elegant. I'm not sure if they have already improved and added some equipment as when I was there, it was quite few. Well, since I only visited it once, all I can say is that the area isn't that big and isn't that small. It also has sauna and steam bath but I can't remember how many studios they have.

2. Fitness First The Cathay (Singapore) – this was my home club in Singapore and the smallest I've seen ever. It was the nearest club in my house during the first few months of my stay in that city. This is where I met/hired my personal trainer Ashraf Stephen. The gym is located inside a mall, a small one but very near the MRT. I normally visit the gym during non-peak hours as the patrons were less, I have experienced training in peak hours and that wasn't good. Despite the size of the club, the facilities are still satisfying, complete with sauna and steam bath and the toilets were clean. The equipments are quite few but almost complete for isolation training purposes. The only thing I didn't like about this club is that they don't have a studio for cycling classes.

3. Fitness First Fusionopolis (Singapore) – this is my most favorite FF club in Singapore. It is so huge and located on high floors of an office building. My favorite part was during the cardio as the view was really exquisite, seems like I was jogging on the top of Singapore. It has 3 main studios that include RPM (cycling), Mind & Body (yoga) and Group Exercises (Body Pump, Body Combat, etc). The area is really big and occupying two floors (well, almost three floors as the pool covers the third). This is the nearest club during my first employment in this island. It is not inside a mall but in an office building but there was a food court in the basement so there will be no problem  if the hunger strikes you.

4. Fitness First Paragon (Singapore) - during my stay in Singapore, there was a time that a renovation was needed for this club. I'm not sure but I think it took almost two months to finish. Nevertheless, the result was superb. It became bigger and more "sosyal". It is again, located inside a mall and along Singapore's shopping street, Orchard Road. I can say that the shower and toilet were clean but the steam bath didn't smell good. Though the club was renovated, some of the equipments are still a bit old. Also, the refreshment area isn't large enough to accommodate its members, some of them were standing. But I like their RPM studio because it's on the upper level.

5. Fitness First AMK Hub (Singapore) – another club inside a mall, nothing special. The first time I planned to visit it, I had difficulties in finding it. The area isn't that big but what I love about this club is that they have those equipments that I was very familiar with and those I was using when I was in Manila. The shower are seems to be clean but the toilet isn't. Maybe they need to improve the cleaning hours and the way they mop the floor. Free weights area can be widen if only the space was maximized. I think there were some equipments positioned in a wrong location. They can also improve their refreshment area as some of the couches were smelly and kind of old. Overall, the experience isn't that bad.

6. Fitness First Ibn Battuta Mall (Dubai) – this is my current gym here in Dubai and upon membership, I was blessed that a Filipino staff assisted me. I really didn't understand his reasons but the government ID I showed for membership gave me ticket for a corporate discount so I got a cheaper monthly dues (379 AED). As for the facilities, I think it was okay. The cardio area is quite huge but the free weights area is kind of small. Especially during peak hours, I couldn't perform my workout routine and being overthrown by big men haha. Anyway, what I really hated the most in this club is their toilet. Everytime, as in everytime I want to use it the floor is always wet, also the water flowing in the showers is always hot. Sometimes it's impossible to use it as the feeling was like you were cooking yourself. Good thing, there was a cold shower, BUT it was only one. Out of 12 available showers, they only use one for cold area?! Can't they see the queue every peak hours? That is my only complain and I'm hoping that they will do something about it and plan some improvement. The club is situated inside a mall so the location isn't bad at all and it is only 3 train stations from my work and 7 from my home. Now, I am looking/eyeing for a personal trainer and might acquire within this month. I'm observing several trainers and I specifically check into the way they train their clients, the attitude and the commitment they are giving.

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