Thursday, September 13, 2012

Job Interview Tactics

I just realized that in more than eight and a half years of my career, I have been to 7 employers! So that will average to about 1 year and 2 months to each company! I admit that this isn't a good record and this has become my problem in my interview and job profile. But I am so glad that I was able to get into those employers and I think and I believe that I always do good in my interviews, yes I'm confident to say it hahaha. So maybe I can share you guys how I prepare for such "event".

Well for sure there are many articles about this stuff that have been published and posted but this is my own experience and no survey was made or any interview has been done. It's all about how I manage to pass the interview stage.

1. Research about the company. I always do this a day before the interview. For me it is important to understand what the company is all about. I should be aware of their products and services, their offices and the market level as well as its financial status.

2. Know your interviewer. Most of the time, we know the name of our interviewer and what I always do is that I research that name on the internet but I ensure that the company is related to this person. LinkedIn profile is so helpful so we can also review their professional experiences and what industries or domain they are familiar with. There are some Facebook profiles that you can see so that you can also connect with the interviewer's extracurricular activities.

3. Ask questions. After executing the first two pointers then this one should be easier. Always ask questions about the company or even the interviewer. Don't hesitate to ask financial stability of the employer and the duties and responsibilities of the position you are applying for. You can also connect with your interviewer by asking some non-work activities being held in the company and where he/she excels or interested more.

4. Be punctual and confident. Ensure that you are at least an hour earlier to the schedule. We can't really tell if there will be some blocking factors on our way to the interview venue. There might be some traffic, we might get lost and forgot something at home. Always look into the eyes of the interviewer and show confidence when you are talking. Try to avoid stuttering words and make sure that your voice can be heard clearly by the interviewer.

5. Crack some jokes or show your "humor" side. I believe that the interview shouldn't always be serious; it can be funny sometimes but must be performed before the end of the session. Relate some things about the employer to the current events. Try to ease some tensions by mentioning some funny moments you had before going to the interview and the joy upon hearing the news about it. Lighten up the mood by noticing the office and give some impressions and the simple "gossip" about the background of the company; show your interest to your future employer and project an excitement to start your new career with them.


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