Sunday, September 2, 2012

One Fun Night

Last 16th of August, during my short vacation, I spent time with my closest friends in high school. I haven't seen them for a while, everytime I'm in Manila, its whether I was so busy or our schedule didn't permit us to meet. This time, I made sure that I will see them again since one of us was getting married. Kristine was about to wed his boyfriend Daryl. So we enjoyed the night by sharing and remembering some events, giving updates in our lives and showed our singing voice.

Ceng, our diva, suggested that we can have our "karaoke concert" in Music Bank in Timog. Our meeting place was in the very famous SM Megamall (haha, oo na lagi na lang sa SM Mega, e malapit sa bahay e), Bern was the first to arrive (or I think she was just very early hihi). As always, Jhong was very late but was able to catch up and even had the face to request for additional order of shrimp tempura. Anyway, the night was full of laughter and joy. We initially had a deal to speak in English all throughout the night as Daryl is from US and also as "form" of respect for him (respeto talaga?!). The deal also included to pay five pesos for every single Tagalog word and surprisingly, Bern was so quiet haha. In the end, we just decided to drop the idea and go on and be ourselves.

It was a fun night and Ceng did not fail us when she belted out her songs that revealed her inner "born diva" thing. Bern also gave her part by singing pop songs and "cutie" numbers. Surprisingly, Daryl did two songs, I can't say it was voluntarily but encouragement paid off. It seems like we were listening to "poem recital/rap song" haha but hey, it was all about fun and I'm sure that those sweats from his head were signs of joy (I believe so). After that three hours of overflowing happiness, we went back to my hotel room for them to collect their "pasalubongs" (one of my biggest mistakes ever! haha). Before we ended the night, we gave some words of wisdom (wisdom daw oh!) and advise to the "couple-to-be" and we hugged Kristine. Jong was interested to hug Daryl but I saw a different smile from the latter which indicated a message "oh no, please don't, I want to go home" hahaha, just kidding. As of writing, they are now happily married and I pray that long distance relationship wouldn't be a hindrance to have a healthy and happy marriage life.


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