Monday, September 3, 2012

Tourist in Singapore

I stepped my feet again on Singapore land last 22nd of August, not as permanent resident or a worker but as a tourist. After more than four months, I was able to see again the place which I call my second home country. I had many good and bad experiences on this small city but those moments made me who I am today. Anyway, the plan was to take a good rest and take the things easy and meet some friends.  My first night was with my Ann, Chi & Ivy. We met at Quiznoz in Orchard Central. It was my first time to hear such food store on which I can say a very similar food selection as Subway. After that we headed to Charlie Brown coffee to have some coffee. I was able to see again my personal trainer Don Abaya as he also arrived on that place around 11PM.

The second day was busier and it started by meeting my WRT travel buddies Gee, Raz & Ate Vinz. I gave them my "pasalubongs" and we had a fulfilling lunch in Gerry's Grill. It was nice seeing them again and my travel memories with them were such a treasure. After that I met Joey and he helped me in a personal matter that relates with my previous employer. I have to settle some things with them in order to get my employment certificate. Then, on our way to my next appointment, I realized that I lost my wallet. I immediately asked the help of MRT staff to contact the other station on which I suspected where I left it. Thankfully, it was recovered and a good staff of Tiong Bahru Plaza station handed it over to the proper authorities. All money were recovered, cards, IDs and my money collections. It was indeed a superb blessing from Him. 

Then, Joey & I headed to Gerry's Grill again to meet some friends and to have dinner at the same time. There, I was able to see again Lowell, Joseph, Nersilane and Berns. I ensured that I ordered different foods. It was a fun night and I was so happy receiving my hard copy of Purple Book, thanks to these guys. Then Joey & I went to Shunfu to attend the lifegroup and they were in the discussion phase when we arrived. I brought some ice cream as additional food of the night. It was good seeing again my lifegroup and we exchanged small stories and updates with our lives.

The third day was less hectic; I just stayed in my room until 4PM to rest and refresh myself as I felt so tired due to past days. At around 5PM I went to my supposed meeting with Louie and Ma'am Thet but there was a major change so we have to cancel. So I just headed directly to Raffles City and took the queue in The Buffet Town where I saw my best bud Ryan. April was also present with her visiting family. We had a very delicious dinner and the entire venue was full of several delicacies and cuisine. There were seafoods, pizza, pasta, fried rice, desserts, juice, coffee and other main courses on which we almost gave up since we were so full but of course there was a time of rest before attacking again the buffet table. Then they took a visit in my hotel room which was just above the building. They did some photoshoot as my view from my room was magnificent.

My last day was quite simple but loaded of foods. First, I had a buffet breakfast with Louie in the hotel. Then I had my lunch with my lifegroup at Just Acia in Dhoby Ghaut where I also handed out some Dubai souvenirs. Due to the late arrival of some of them, I wasn't able to see Ma'am Thet in our supposed meeting again with Louie.

So I just decided to look for my other friends who were waiting for me. We had an early dinner in The Skinny Pizza in Raffles City and the foods were great! Honestly, the name speaks for its foods. I believe they are all healthy with the herbs they put and the green leaves they put on the pizza though some of it were too salty but still, it was a great food experience.

Afterwards, we went to the airport for me to check in but before I depart for Dubai, we had a coffee and some cakes. I was so full that time but still was very happy and enjoyed my quick stay and rest in Singapore. I'm not sure when I will come back but the life lessons I learned from this island will always be with me.


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