Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bowl & Dine

I've been here in Dubai for more than six months now. The first two months were struggle but I continue to survive it. As I mentioned before, the first thing that I looked for when I arrived here was a church and a group where I can grow and encourage me in my journey to Christianity. Well, I found these boys and so far I am coping up, we have spent several days in sharing and discussing the bible. But the group isn't all about seriousness, we also find time to bond in different ways. First was a bowling "competition" in a bowling alley (where else?) in Ibn Battuta Mall. We spent two hours and the result was a little muscle pain in our right arms. It was simple but fun activity. I saw some nature of competitiveness and some embarassing moments (including mine, mostly were the 'canal' part). After that, we had coffee in a nearest coffee shop (actually it was the ever famous Starbucks, I think its always the default). We separated ways after that, it was indeed a good and refreshing day.

Last Wednesday, we had dinner in California Pizza Kitchen in Mall of the Emirates. Oh yes, the venue is very far from my house haha. Anyway, the ordering part took us long and as for myself, I had to choose one seafood pizza as I don't eat pork, beef and chicken. So the rest of the foods were their choice. I was kinda shy to suggest because I don't want them to limit their choices just because of my food preferences. Honestly, the pizza wasn't that bad at all, it was okay though I'm not sure about the rest of the foods. I was astonished to know that the drinks were bottomless so we asked for a refill but to my surprise, the glasses were brought inside the restaurant so I was kinda concern that my glass might be replaced by others. Haha yeah I know, the OC-ness striked again but in addition to that, a group member talked about some nasty things about the probablity of mixing several drinks haha. Well as a result, I didn't drink the refilled glass, instead, the water became my bestfriend. We are now 10 in the group and I gave some of them a code haha. Melvin ('the boss'), Jimson ('the IT guy'), Mervin, Ernie & Henrie ('the triplets'), Manuel ('the airport boy'), Harry ('our kuya'), Patrick ('the bunso') and the new one gosh I am not sure of the name) Kenneth ('the mister DJ'). I'm looking forward for more bonding activities and I'm sure it will always be fun.


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