Sunday, October 7, 2012

Taken 2 and Skyfall

In 2008, I became an instant fan of Liam Neeson after watching the movie Taken. Since then, I followed most of his movies such as Unknown, The Grey, The A Team and recently, Taken 2. Same as the initial instalment of the film, the movie is action packed and the thriller was a perfect mixture. But honestly, it wasn't good as the first one. I miss those violent scenes and the bloody fights. Also, it is too predictable like the ending where the main villain tried to kill Liam using a gun without a bullet, i knew it was coming! The movie is also too short. Location wise, I liked Turkey and gave me an idea to visit it next year. Nevertheless, I was still entertained and enjoyed the movie.

Last 5th of October, the World James Bond Day was held. In accordance to it, the movie theme song for Skyfall was released. The song is self titled and performed by Adele. Yes, I am a HUGE fan of James Bond! I have watched all, yes ALL 22 Bond movies. Can you believe that I even bought a CD containing all the movie themes of James Bond? Also, I have a DVD compilation of all the films? Anyway, I am so excited to watch this latest Bond offer. I think it will be shown here in Dubai on the 26th of October, just in time when my father visits me here so we can watch it together.

You can enjoy the movie theme on the below video (it gave me chills, love it!):


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