Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why did I Enter the Stock Market World?

At first, I was very hesitant to invest in the stock market since I wasn't really sure what will happen to my money. I hold on tight to my savings and most of the time I only use them if I am sure that I will get a positive outcome. But most of my friends are now engaging in this activity and those Facebook and Twitter posts lead me to the point of curiosity. This buzz about the stock market started way back one year ago but I just shrugged my shoulders about it. Then when I transferred here in Dubai, I was looking for something new and thinking of business strategies and acquiring properties. Then I heard the news about the development and progress of the Philippine economy that contributes to the success of stock market investment. So without any averseness, I processed immediately my application and funded my account.

Yes, the Philippine economy is now displaying a positive outlook. The encouragement made by a church mate and friend, Don, pointed me toward to an open mind about the stock market. Risk is a big part of life and we can't avoid and run from it. Same as this investment, there is a BIG risk as the stock value might drop and the recovery of your money might not be in full. Well, we can't really tell the perfect time in investment and we have to face it but we can be assured that every day is an opportunity. You might have heard several statements from friends that they gained so much but I'm sure that they also suffered lost before hitting the jackpot.

I believe that investing in stock market needs commitment and accept that peril is a huge part in this. Making a profit isn't bad at all and this isn't about being greed and plan of getting rich. I always ensure that I have a fraction for investment and savings. I know that investing isn't that easy but with the help of more experienced investors/trades lessens the uncertainties on this. I am blessed that I have someone who feeds me the information and several tips on when and where to invest. But we should also do our part; we shouldn't always rely on those people. Looking at the financial and management background of a stock is one way I weigh my options in investing. Tracking the earnings is also a helpful factor in decision making. Common sense comes next as I also make sure that the company has a history of profitability and competent management before I invest my hard earned money to them. Learn the financial chart and be aware of the news.

There are some regrets why I didn't do this earlier. Well, it's better late than never. Excitement and the feel of rush and risk is slowly coming into my nerves. Before, Facebook and Twitter are the first things I check on the internet but now, it's the stock market. So far, I am gaining and I have accepted that this isn't a constant state. The stocks might drop but positive perspective can drag you to a better mood.

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