Sunday, November 18, 2012

Abu Dhabi Tour

After days of exploring the city of Dubai, my father and I had the chance to roam Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE. It was a tour package from Yahoo Tours. We were picked up from the hotel lobby at past 9AM. Inside the van, there were around 10 more tourists. The driver was also the tourist guide that day and he was good in multitasking. While driving, he was talking some facts about Abu Dhabi such as the difference of road colors, the naming convention, citizenship and other stuffs. Our first stop was in Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque which is the largest mosque in UAE and eighth in the world. We were told that some of the areas of the mosque were pure gold. We were required to take off our shoes before getting inside and the women were required to wear Abaya. The place was really nice and way better and bigger than the mosque that I saw in Brunei. It was also surprising that taking pictures inside the mosque was allowed. The chandeliers inside were huge and you will see lots of gold being displayed around the place.

We went back to the van after almost an hour and during the road trip, the driver/tourist guide was giving some information on the buildings and places that we passed by. One thing that got my interest was the AlDar HQ building which is the first circular building in the Middle East. I'm not sure but the driver/tourist guide mentioned that it is the second largest circular building in the world and have won 'Best Futuristic Design'. We also got the chance to see the Emirates Palace; it was the location shoot of the Hollywood movie, Sex and the City. We were only allowed to pass by the prestigious hotel without getting out from the card so we took some pictures from the van.

The person in charge brought us next to Corniche road. It was like a marina bay that has several restaurants and establishments surrounding the waters. There was also a public beach for the use of everyone and yacht parking area for the rich people. Abu Dhabi’s pristine Corniche beachfront has been awarded the coveted Blue Flag status - the internationally renowned eco-label for beaches and marinas that guarantees clean and safe bathing water. From the place that we were standing, we were able to see the tallest flagpole in Abu Dhabi.

Next was the UAE Heritage Village. The place was like an outdoor museum. It shows the old ways of life of the first Arabs. There was a house that was built of rocks, a tent that served as temporary resting place for the workers and an area which was made out of woods. It was also the place where we took our buffet lunch for 65 dirhams. There were also some souvenir shops on which we bought key chains and magnets. But one thing that caught my eyes was a complete set of Arab national costume. Of course, I bought one set for 80 dirhams maybe as souvenir also or for future use. 

The final stop that day was a brief visit of the Ferrari World. The race was on going during that day but we didn't have any ticket so we just consumed our time roaming the place and some photo ops. It was a whole day activity and it was very tiring. Nevertheless, it was a great time learning more about the country on which I am currently living. The entire tour was fun, we never get bored during the trip, hats off to the driver/tourist guide that day, he did an awesome job.


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It is so cute blog and you have share many info.....i like it very much.You have shard info about some places like ad Shiekh Zaid Mosque and farari park else.
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Thanks Muhammad!

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