Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It was a very sad moment
When you closed your eyes
Without saying goodbye
Then I took the courage not to cry

I remember that every Saturday
We used to go to this scary place
But you were really strong
And you chose to ignore the pain

Oh how I miss you and I'm thinking
Of what you might have become
Maybe a popular and famous singer
Because that was your dream and passion

Sometimes I have regrets in my heart
That I didn't show my full love
Maybe it’s a natural way of being a man
But I'm sure you are well love there in heaven

Since you've been gone, no more birthdays for me
But I still put on my smile
And behind that are your happy memories
Thinking only your smile, voice and laughter

Next year it will be a decade
Since you left us and stayed with Him
Thank you for the fourteen years of your life
You'll always have a special part in our hearts

Kuya loves you and misses you so much.

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