Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dubai Tour Part 3

My father and I started the day last 27th of October with a simple breakfast. Let me change that, it was a sumptuous breakfast. We had sautéed tuna and shrimp with rice (yeah, rice in the morning). After quick preparation, we headed our way to Atlantis. I was kind of excited to visit the place as I haven't been in a beach for years and I just want to experience being under the sea (well, not literally). I have booked for a day tour in 'Lost Chambers'; it was like a museum of fishes and sea creatures. It is like the 'Underwater World' in Sentosa Singapore, only bigger in space. The displays were amply designed and subdivided into big glass windows. As a souvenir, my father bought a cap while I took a shirt.

After that "under the sea" tour, we came back to Mall of the Emirates to have a splendid lunch in Chilis. For appetizer, I ordered 'Spinach Queso' and I loved it! It was so tasty and very delicious. My father chose grilled chicken and I ordered seafood platter and we were so full after the meal. Then, we watched 'Skyfall' in Vox Cinemas. I was shocked when my father mentioned to me that there is no movie house in Riyadh. How can I live in that place?

We went home after the movie but prepared immediately for our dhow cruise dinner buffet (oh yes, lots of food). It was a bigger boat with two decks and we were seated on the upper part. The place was so jam packed that we need to share a big table with a family of four. Nevertheless, the foods were kind of okay, it was Indian cuisine and I loved the fish fillet. I'm not really sure what sauce was used but it was so enticing that I had two rounds of it. After a while, a male performer danced in the middle of the dining area. I don't know how to call that cultural number but the man was circling and rotating continuously for almost half an hour. While doing the round dance, he was doing some tricks and special tasks such as handling several hats, light effects and alteration of costumes. The show was actually nice and entertaining.


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