Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dubai Tour Part 4

Last 2nd of November, my father and I experienced this desert safari thing. It was tagged as a "must" for every tourist in UAE. Initially, the tour was in the midst of postponement that day since the travel agent was having problems with cars and drivers. Fortunately, I was able to talk to someone in the same agency that helped to find available cars and even gave us a discount. We were picked up by the driver at Kempinski Hotel around past 3:30PM. The journey from Dubai to the safari area took us almost an hour. When we got there, there were other 4x4 wheel drives then our driver decreased some air from the tires so that the car can run perfectly on sand. 

We started the journey and at first, I was very scared since I saw the car in front of us doing some skills in conquering the sand. Above video shows what I am talking about hehe. Eventually, I became comfortable since it was kind of okay when you are in a car compare to witnessing the other cars stumbling and almost rolling over the sand. It was actually fun! After more than 15 minutes of "fun ride", we stopped for a while to witness the magnificent view of the sunset. Then we went to a camel area for some photo ops.

Our last stop was in an area in the middle of desert where foods and some entertainment were being provided. There were small souvenir shops and a bar area. We had our buffet dinner there (also included in the tour package) and my father and I had beer for refreshment. The foods were Indian cuisine and it was a great thing that they have fish. Next is a dance number from a male performer, same dance performance in dhow cruise where the steps were the continuous circling and rounding routine on the middle of the stage with some special effects. Lastly, a belly dancer graced the stage on which the crowd enjoyed. I'm not sure but I think the lady danced for almost half an hour but there were no signs of tiredness on her face. It was actually a good experience and I must say, yes, every tourist in UAE should experience this!


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