Thursday, November 22, 2012

Movie Review: Triple B (Bruce, Bond & Bella)

I was really trying to connect these three movies just to have a unique post title. Fortunately, I found one. Bruce Willis is one of the lead stars of Looper; Bond was played by Daniel Craig in this 23rd film installment and Bella, played by Kristen Stewart is one of the main characters in the Breaking Dawn.

1. Looper - Actually, the plot of the film is something new. I haven't seen such kind of screenplay that science fiction, thriller and love story was entangled creatively. The lead stars, Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt both did an incredible job. Emily Blunt was a surprise showing physical and emotional transformation compared to her other films. She was shown as a strong woman, loyal and fierce. The film has been included into several lists of best movies of 2012. The direction was intelligent combining the roughness of a gang, the simplicity of life in the farm and the art of love factors in an Asian country. The scene where Sarah's son, Cid, showing unusual telekinetic powers is the climax of the film. The special effects were quite okay and the ending was unexpected. Really, a must watch movie.

2. Skyfall - Of course, I'll give high praises to this film since I'm a big fan of the franchise. Have you seen the box office returns? This film is the highest grossing James Bond film of all time. Kudos to the ensemble cast and technical people who mixed their intelligence to come up with such film. I love the acting of Javier Bardem on which you can't really tell if he was becoming psychotic or a victim of an unjust procedures. Sadly, M died in this film and was replaced by Mallory. Also, Moneypenny was introduced in this movie. The concept of resurrection is a success which also compasses the theme of revenge and vengeance. The action scenes, as always, were superb. This movie convinced me to visit Turkey after seeing same location scenes did by the movie Taken 2. Its thrilling appeal was good enough respecting the tradition of the franchise. I can't wait for the next Bond movie! It is also confirmed that Daniel Craig will still play James Bond in the 24th and 25th installment.

3. The Breaking Dawn Part Two - Before the first Twilight movie came out, TV series from HBO, True Blood, was being shown and I loved it instantly. The concept of vampires and blood gave me curiosity to watch the first Twilight movie. Initially, I was bored since it's all about love story but the deep tackling of the romance between human and vampire is commendable. Well, this movie alone surprised me at the end. I really didn't expect that thing to happen. That after all those suspense and great action scenes, it was just all about the future. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the series ended in a good way. I just didn't like the special effects they did on the baby. It was so obvious and it irritated me. Nonetheless, it is still an entertaining movie but will not be on my list of best movies I have watched this year.


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