Saturday, November 24, 2012


Loving isn't easy for me
There were doubts and uncertainties
Am I afraid or scared?
I can't really tell the reasons
For years I've been alone
After the events of pain and hurt
Confuse what the plan is
Not sure how to move forward
I'm in the middle of questions
On how this sadness will end
I know I have to take my part
And to Him I always pray
Only time will really tell
If I'm ready to face the stage again
The phase on which I'm weak
A stage that I'm vulnerable
I believe my time will come
When I can sing my heart out
Bursting the love I have
To the woman I've been longing for
Each steps won't be easy
And I want to take it slow
Not in a rush just to fill the emptiness
She will come and I will be here

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