Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Airline Review Part 3

1. Vietnam Airlines – Obviously, it is the national flag carrier of Vietnam. Currently, it holds three star ranking in Skytrax. It was a journey from Vietnam to Laos that time and the weather was great. The overall experience was okay. It was very comfortable and spacious enough. There was no food provided that time because it was a short trip. The uniform of the flight attendants was simple and no extravagant accessories compare to other airlines. I know it is not important but many airlines are also investing in the fashion sense of their staffs. In fairness, the staffs were quite helpful and a stewardess even guided me personally to locate my seat, such a sweet gesture. Also, we departed on time which is basically the single most important thing in travelling especially if you have scheduled appointments to attend. The airline offers simplicity in nature but tremendous in providing quality service to its passengers.

2. Lao Airlines – It was during my backpack trip the first time I ride this airline. At first, I was kind of worried when I saw the plane that we will be riding in. It was a small and there were only around 4 flight attendants that time. I'm sure it wasn't Airbus, there were four sets per row and each side has two columns. The plane wasn't full that time, I think we were around more than 10 passengers that time. It is the national flag carrier of Laos and during that time, there were logos and advertisement for the upcoming Southeast Asian games. Well, the plane was new but there was no entertainment thing. The food wasn't that bad and staffs were quite friendly. But the propellers of the plane were quite noisy compared to other airplane and it was kind of scary. According to Skytrax website, there is no star ranking awarded yet for this airline. 

3. Kingfisher Airlines – This airline is being tagged as India's only five star airline.  It is indeed a five star airline since they have a big jet and wide space inside. The entertainment package was quite alright and the foods were okay. The only thing I didn't like was the process on how they handled the passengers. I'm not sure if they were short of staff but when I entered, it was like so crowded and many were standing and no one was helping to arrange the bags of the passengers. Also, we left the Suvarnabhumi Airport more than 30 minutes late. As of checking, SKYTRAX suspended the star ranking of product and service quality of Kingfisher. I tried to look for articles describing the reasons for such action but I couldn't find anything. 

4. Emirates – The moment that I knew that I'll be transferring to Dubai, I immediately decided that I'll be booking with Emirates Airlines. It is one the best airlines in the world and I heard many things about this jetliner, mostly positive. Emirates is very generous for a check in baggage, 30 kg for economy and up to 50 kg for business class. When I checked in, I had 42 kg of baggage and even if I was only on economy class, the staff gladly accepted it without paying any additional charges. Not sure how did it happen but I just knew that I'm blessed. Oh, the flight attendants are multi-cultured and the seats were spacious enough. The entertainment is superb and they even provide new movies and latest music albums. There is also a section for Filipino movies which is commendable. I just didn't like how they handled the foods, I was aiming for fish meal but when it was my turn to ask for, the stewardess stated that only vegetarian food is available, such a shame. Nevertheless, food isn't the most important thing but the safety and comfort. It was comfortable enough. Emirates is on 8th place in this year's World's Top 10 Airlines.


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