Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bell's Palsy

I wasn't able to update my blog for weeks now since I was experiencing a condition that isn't easy to handle. This isn't actually the first time that this happened to me. It was early 2005 when I had this condition on which my left face was paralyzed. I wasn't able to close my left eye and it wasn't blinking so I have to wear a patch the whole time as it might be dried and may lead to other complications. When I was smiling or talking, only the right part of my mouth was moving and I admit I looked so funny that time. Water was spilling out of my left mouth when I was drinking and it was very difficult to eat. All of those hardships and pain because of Bell's Palsy.

Yes, history repeats itself. This year I am experiencing the same thing but this time it is more severe. It has the combination of fever and flu and I was freezing inside my room despite that the air-condition was off. I had to take 2 weeks of sick leave to recover and I am blessed I have a boss who is very understanding. What also made my condition this time even worse was that no family was around. No one was taking care of me so I have to be independent and take all necessary things on my own. I can't even walk straight, I was like drunk when I was walking and dizzy all the time. So I have to go to doctor by myself and I admit it was so dangerous as I might be hit by a car when crossing as I can't walk straight and my left eye was a bit blurry. Also, I was not surrounded by close friends, those people that show me the care and will check out on me. I was kind of depressed that time since I can't do anything, I was on the bed all the time and the things that I can only do was to drink the medicine and go to bathroom.

Based on some research, Bell's palsy might happen to a person because of too much stress, pressure, overthinking, sadness and always tired. Other causes might be brain tumor, stroke and Lyme disease. As of writing, I am now 50% recovered and back at work. Also, I am back in the gym and I am blessed that I have a trainer who is so patient and knows what he is doing to get me back on my feet. I am also touched by the gestures showed to me by some officemates and felt the sincere concern towards me. I am also blessed with friends from Manila and Singapore who were messaging me and praying for my speedy recovery. I know this is another trial on which I can overcome. These past few weeks were the lowest point of my life here in Dubai and I almost gave up but I know that He is watching and guiding me.

Image taken from daviddarling.info

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