Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Motivations to Exercise

I've been taking my workout seriously now and the results were tremendous. It's not just that I lost 10.5 kilograms (23 lbs) of weight in two months but it also changed my lifestyle. But the most important thing is that I feel healthy inside and out. I've been very fit before but due to some situations and instances, I started to put fitness as a lower priority and then I grew big. Anyway, I can say that I am trying my best to back on track. I spend almost 5-6 days a week in the gym but I'm not complaining; it's my choice.

So I checked what changed me and what motivated me to do this routine. I was so laid back 3 months ago and had plenty of reasons and excuses not to exercise. Then I realized that I did some stuff that altered my attitude. I know I'm not an expert in giving advise to exercise but I can share the things that I did to push myself.
  1. Get a Trainer. I initially saved money before getting a trainer because I know how expensive it is to get one. Trainers are there to motivate you and give you advise on the correct exercises and execution of the routine They can even give you nutrition facts and foods that you should and shouldn't eat. They will push you to your limit and assist you in anything that you need to improve yourself.
  2. The Clothes Factor. Buy a new shirt or jeans that are smaller your size. Try to fit it every week and as long as it is not perfectly suited to your form then it means you need to work harder haha. In my case, I have my old shirts that I call "target shirts". These were my clothes when I was on my great shape and so far, some of them can fit into me now but I know I still need to work harder.
  3. Cheat Day. I have this attitude to have a cheat day every month. It is like a day when I can eat anything I want if I lose weight for that month. It is also like a self-reward that after those days of sweat and eating the same food almost everyday, then you can have the chance to eat everything but, only and if there is a reduction in your weight.
  4. Inspiration Factor. You should have an inspiration in reaching your goal. It could be someone that you are trying to impress. But for me, I normally read or watch inspiring videos on how they were able to reach such fit shape from the stage of being obese. It helps me a lot because they are real stories and you can really see the transformation and who knows, it could be your story that will inspire others soon.
  5. Special Events. Upcoming events or celebrations also motivate me and help me to get focus on my routine. For example, I was scheduled to run on a marathon last month so I worked hard for it but since I was sick, I wasn't able to do it. But hey, summer is coming and I'll be attending a reunion party soon. Also, I'll be the bestman in my bestfriend's wedding this July so I have to look good.
  6. Progress Tracking. Every month, I weigh and measure myself to check the progress and development of my body. My trainer normally explains to me the things I need to improve and the things where I excel. If the result is okay, of course it will push me and encourage me more to continue what I am doing. But if the result is negative, I can take it as a challenge and work harder. So basically, it's a win-win situation haha.
The list could be longer for others but the above things are the major motivations that I currently have now. They say that the only difficult about having a perfect routine is how to start. But once you started and felt the changes, then it is very hard to stop. It is true! Now I feel guilty everytime I skip a day in gym; but be also reminded that we should listen and respect our body. Once we feel tired or not well (meaning the truth and not just being lazy or making excuses) then we should take rest or consult a doctor if possible.

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