Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to Apply US Visa from UAE

I was blessed to be granted with multiple entry tourist visa valid for ten years. The steps were not that hard but make sure to have your documents and references ready. Actually, I have two friends who informed and advised me that it is easier to apply visa in US Embassy in Abu Dhabi than the consulate in Dubai. So it's up to you where you want to make your application but in my case, I followed their suggestion.

So below are the steps on how to acquire tourist visa. Be reminded that these are based from my experience and their procedures might change.
  1. Make sure you have a passport picture that was taken not more than six months. Information on the correct photo can be found here: Prepare a scanned copy of it and use the photo tool on this website to crop the required size and face dimension.
  2. Complete the online application ( They call it DS-160 (Non-immigrant Visa Application). I would advise to prepare your resume and refresh your travel history. The application form will ask you about personal data, travel plan, family information, education, employment history, income and countries you have visited. After completing the form, it will give you unique number and a barcode.
  3. Next is to pay the visa application fee and make an appointment. Visit the page You will need to register and input all your details and I think the unique number from DS-160 form will be needed. On this step, you will be asked to pay and choose your preferred location of passport pickup.
  4. Lastly, make sure to arrive on your appointed date, time and location. I would advise you to go there one hour before your appointment and make sure to wear semi-formal attire.

On your date of appointment, make sure to have the following requirements:
  • A passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • Also, bring your old passport. It might contain stamps from other countries that you have visited.
  • Bring passport picture.
  • Bank statements for the last three months.
  • Letter from your employer stating position, start date and salary
  • Letter from your employer establishing purpose of travel.

In my experience, to be prepared, I brought all other important documents such as transcript of records, diploma, employment certificate and birth certificate. Though these were not required, it is still better to have them ready if the consul will ask for it. There were chances that they will still require further documents, proof and information.

So that's it, it isn't that hard right? So good luck to your application!


Ahmad Rehman said...

I am planing to visit US and my trip will be sponsored by the company as a wedding gift to us. I would like to know still do i need to provide my personal bank statement and salary certificates ? My wise doesn't need visa and would it be ok to present wedding certificate as proof of wedding or i shouldn't mention about trip reason or apply visit visa without any reference to my marriage.

carlomalbas said...

Hi Ahmad, I think it will be better to apply visit visa unless your company has a branch in US and can provide all the necessary documents (trade license, company bank account, company info in US, etc). It is easier to apply visit visa for tourism purposes and provide all the required documents. Better to prepare bank statement and/or salary certificate to prove that you can finance your stay in the US.

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